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Zaniemyśl has lost its bridge to the main attraction. “We are doing everything to make the ferry run at the weekend”

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On Tuesday at the earliest, it will turn out how serious the defect of the pontoon bridge to Edward Island in Zaniemyśl (Wielkopolskie Voivodeship) is. On Sunday, the mooring ropes broke, and about 60 people had to be evacuated by firefighters. This weekend, the commune wants to launch a ferry crossing as an emergency.

The damage to the pontoon bridge to Edward Island on Lake Raczyńskie in Zaniemyśl occurred on Sunday at 12.47.

The fire department was immediately called for help. – Two mooring ropes supporting the pontoon bridge by the shore broke – informed the duty officer of the Greater Poland firefighters.

Firefighters evacuated 60 people

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The actions of the fire brigade consisted in stabilizing the floating platform leading to the island and securing and evacuating all people on the island. “The bridge has lost its so-called rigidity and we have been asked to evacuate people on Edward Island to land,” the firefighter explained.

Nothing happened to anyone. About 60 people were evacuated from the island, including people from the service of the catering establishment. Raczyński Island has been closed until further notice.

They are waiting for an examination

The pontoon bridge is owned by a company belonging to the poviat starosty in Środa Wielkopolska. As reported by tvn24.pl, Małgorzata Zabłocka-Wiśniewska, deputy starost of the Średzki District, is looking for a company that will undertake repairs. Probably on Tuesday it will assess how serious the fault is and confirm initial findings that it is minor.

The bridge connects Zaniemyśl with Edward IslandTSO Zaniemyśl

– The bridge must be anchored to the bottom. This anchorage was not on metal chains, which are de facto indestructible, but on ropes that were degraded and let go due to being in the water for a long time. As a result, nothing stabilizes it inside and it is simply very shaky – says Ernest Iwańczuk, the starost of Środa Śląska, about the preliminary findings.

If these assumptions are confirmed, it is enough to make new stays from the bridge, which would connect to the anchors at the bottom of the lake.

The crossing is closed until further noticeTSO Zaniemyśl

The next weekend without a bridge

It is certain that tourists will not be able to use the bridge this weekend. Which doesn’t mean they won’t get to Edward Island. – We are doing everything to ensure that the ferry crossing runs at the weekend – says Justyna Dąbrowska, head of the Zaniemyśl commune.

The ferry will be free and will run as often as possible. Importantly, the commune does not have to rent a ferry, because it has one – it ran to Edward Island before the construction of the pontoon bridge.

The pontoon bridge to Edward Island was built in 2017. It is about 150 meters long.

About 60 people were evacuatedTSO Zaniemyśl

What can you see on Edward Island?

According to the municipality’s estimates, several hundred people visit the island on summer weekends in favorable weather. – It is one of the five biggest attractions in the county for tourists – admits the staroste of Środa.

The name of the island refers to its former owner – Count Edward Raczyński. A historic Swiss larch house built on his order in 1819 has been preserved here.

Swiss cottage and cannon replicacommune of Zaniemyśl

Currently, it is devastated and inaccessible to visitors, there are plans to renovate it.

Edward Islandcommune of Zaniemyśl

There is a restaurant and camping cabins on the island. There is also a replica of the cannon from which the earl was said to have shot himself to avoid possible apparent death.

According to the legend, the island was built on the order of Stanisław Górka, the voivode of Poznań, who wanted to hide treasures on it.

A narrow-gauge train arrives here

Zaniemyśl lies less than 40 kilometers from Poznań on two lakes, Raczyńskie and Łękno. Above the first one is a large city beach.

City Beachcommune of Zaniemyśl

Another point worth attention in Zaniemyśl is the narrow-gauge Średzka Poviat Railway.

The construction of the Średzka Poviat Railway began in 1898. First, the standard-gauge section of Główna (today Poznań Wschód) – Kobylepole, a village belonging to Józef Mycielski, the owner of the local brewery, one of the inspirers and shareholders of the construction of the railway, was built. The narrow-gauge route connecting Kobylepole with Środa Wielkopolska and Zaniemyśl was completed in 1902. The main line of the railway was 59 km long. The main roundhouse was built in Kobylepol, the auxiliary one was located in Środa. The railway was used primarily to transport agricultural products, but also to transport people.

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The “twilight” of the railway took place in the 1960s. In 1968, the passenger traffic on the Kobylepole-Środa Miasto route was stopped, and in 1973 the demolition of the route began. It started with sidings, and in 1976 the main route was started. Only the line Środa Miasto – Zaniemyśl has survived to this day.

Main photo source: TSO Zaniemyśl

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