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Żary, Lubuskie Voivodeship: deputy traffic officer detained by citizens. The prosecution checks if he was drunk

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Two passers-by walking in Żary (Lubuskie Voivodeship) during the night from Thursday to Friday noticed a car going zigzag. They made a civic detention, called the police, but then the driver escaped. It turned out to be the deputy head of the road traffic department at the local district headquarters. The prosecutor’s office is investigating.

Prosecutor Ewa Antonowicz, spokesman for the district prosecutor’s office in Zielona Góra, tells in an interview with tvn24.pl that the incident took place on the night of Thursday to Friday. – Two people in the evening hours noticed a car that was driving slowly and zigzagging – says the prosecutor.

Witnesses stopped the car and called the police. However, before the police car arrived, the driver had left. The police officers’ findings indicated that it was the deputy head of the road traffic department in Żary, the prosecutor points out.

– The policemen were looking for the man all night, but to no avail. A hunting weapon was secured in the abandoned car, but there was no service weapon – says Antonowicz.

The policeman showed up at the headquarters after seven hours

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The deputy chief – according to the prosecutor’s office – appeared at the headquarters seven hours after the incident. He had just over 0.2 per mille of alcohol in his body.

“The prosecutor who will be explaining the case will certainly need the results of a retrospective sobriety test to assess the condition of the driver behind the wheel,” the prosecutor explains.

He informs that for this purpose it will be necessary to appoint an expert who will assess (among others based on the weight of the subject and his ability to digest alcohol) what concentration of alcohol the policeman might have had at the time of civic detention.


The witnesses reacted before the disaster happened

– Fortunately, the intervention of witnesses took place before the road accident happened. In this context, it should be noted that the investigation will concern drunk driving, and not fleeing the scene. The event, within the meaning of the provisions, did not take place – informs the prosecutor.

He emphasizes that – in order to ensure transparency – the case will most likely be transferred to another prosecutor’s office.

Procedure for expulsion from service

Commissioner Aneta Berestecka from the district headquarters in Żary does not confirm that the situation concerns the deputy traffic chief. He admits that in fact one of the policemen in the district headquarters could drive a car under the influence of alcohol.

– Disciplinary proceedings have been initiated in this case, the policeman has been suspended – communicates Berestecka.

He adds that the police “do not tolerate such behavior”.

– That is why the procedure for expelling this policeman from the service was initiated – says the spokeswoman of the district headquarters in Żary.

The incident took place in Żary

Main photo source: TVN24

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