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Żary, Okrzei Street. 12-year-old Kornelia found a wallet with cash and gave it to the police

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A teenager from Żary (Lubuskie Province) found a wallet containing several hundred zlotys. Thanks to the girl, the loss returned to its owner. “Cornelia can be an example for her peers, but also for adults,” says the police.

12-year-old Kornelia received thanks and congratulations from policemen from Żary (Lubuskie Province). In this way, the officers wanted to honor the teenager for her civic attitude.


She found a wallet of money and gave it to the police

On Monday, the girl found a wallet with cash. The police do not reveal the exact amount, but it is known that there were several hundred zlotys in the purse. The incident took place in one of the parking lots at Okrzei Street in Żary.

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Cornelia had no doubts as to what to do in such a situation, so the loss first came to the headquarters, and then to the owner.

– The woman was very happy. Thanks to the 12-year-old, she recovered a significant amount of cash, and this does not always happen. Such behavior deserves the highest praise, and this happy ending would not be possible without the integrity and civic attitude of the 12-year-old girl. A student of the 7th grade of Primary School No. 5 in Żary can be an example for her peers and adults. Not everyone would act as honestly as Kornelia – says Commissioner Aneta Berestecka, spokeswoman for the police in Żary.

According to the police, in the last two years, in the Żary district, students found cash three times and each time they handed over the loss to the police. – You can see that children know how to behave and have a good example from their parents – adds Berestecka.

Cornelia had no doubts about what to doLubuskie Police

Main photo source: Lubuskie Police

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