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Zbigniew Ajchler and the case of Łukasz Mejza. Cezary Tomczyk on the meeting of politicians, statement of the non-attached MP

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Former Civic Platform MP Zbigniew Ajchler (currently unaffiliated) stated that the circumstances of his joining the government coalition described by Cezary Tomczyk, a politician from the Civic Coalition, “are a lie”. “The situation described by the deputy KO never happened, and I have never been blackmailed in any way” – emphasized Ajchler.

Cezary Tomczyk, member of the Civic Coalition, said on Tuesday in the “Onet Rano” program that Zbigniew Ajchler “was blackmailed that if he did not join PiS, he would not be treated for Parkinson’s.” “Ajchler was introduced to this world by MP Łukasz Mejza,” he added. “Today I am talking about it first. I talked about it with MP Ajchler about it. He saw Mejza, who guaranteed him Parkinson’s treatment if he joined PiS or became a non-attached MP supporting PiS,” emphasized Tomczyk. Ajchler personally proposed Mejz “- he added.


According to Tomczyk, the treatment offered to Ajchler is experimental, and the MP is one of 10 people who could benefit from it. “He should be able to use it, no matter if he is an MP or not. Everything was done through blackmail” – he emphasized.

Zbigniew AjchlerMarcin Obara / PAP

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These words were repeated by Cezary Tomczyk in an interview with TVN24. As he reported, as the then head of the parliamentary club, he asked Ajchler for an interview when the latter decided that he would not enter the club of the Civic Coalition. – MP Ajchler is all of us, and this conversation had many witnesses, he said de facto what it was about. And it’s about his life and the fact that he was made an offer he couldn’t refuse – he said.

“Something more disgusting in life, and I’ve been living for almost forty years, I haven’t heard,” he added.

Zbigniew Ajchler’s statement. “The described situation never happened”

Ajchler referred to Tomczyk’s statement in a statement posted on Facebook. “I would like to emphasize that the circumstances of my joining the government coalition described by him (Tomczyk – ed.) Are a lie. The situation described by MP Tomczyk never happened, and I was never blackmailed in any way,” he wrote.

As he emphasized, he is deeply indignant that his health problems and the resulting treatment that he had to undertake “are used in the current party games and for political attacks against him and MP Meya.” cynically used by politicians and the media to attack the parliamentary majority, “added Ajchler.

“By the way, I would like to point out that after my election in the 2019 elections, my health problems were not of interest to my former party colleagues from the Civic Platform, despite the fact that I needed such support much more. Thank you. so now for mock concern for my health and life situation, “the statement reads.

Ajchler also announced that “he immediately referred the matter to the Deputies’ Ethics Committee.” “Because I will not allow my name to be used for dirty political games intended to violate the parliamentary majority,” he said.

Ajchler replaced the KO MP in June 2021

Ajchler was not re-elected in the 2019 elections in which he ran from the KO list. He became a member of the 9th term of office on June 15, 2021, replacing Killion Munyama in the Sejm (who had joined the European External Action Service). Ajchler became a non-attached MP, and in June, together with Łukasz Mejza, he announced the establishment of the “Centrum” association. In August he left the PO.

Zbigniew Ajchler after taking the oath in the Sejm in June 2021Marcin Obara / PAP

When asked about Ajchler’s statement, Tomczyk replied that “we have several witnesses to this conversation”. – Besides, there was also a second interview in this case, also with other witnesses, so Zbyszek should simply tell the truth about this. I understand how a hounded man can feel, I understand it very much, because I know how spells work, what they did to him – he added.

Mejza: it’s a game in which the stake is to break us mentally

Łukasz Mejza has been a member of the Sejm since March this year, when he took the seat of the deceased KP-PSL deputy, Jolanta Fedak. He became a non-attached Member.

He referred to the words of Cezary Tomczyk on Twitter. “It is not a coincidence that after a series of attacks on me, MP Ajchler is called to the board. It is a game in which the stake is to break us mentally so that we can give up parliamentary seats” – he wrote.

“What then? It’s easy to count – people from PSL and PO enter and the opposition has the majority” – he added.

Łukasz Mejza and reports of offering unproven therapy

The journalists of Wirtualna Polska, Szymon Jadczak and Mateusz Ratajczak, describe the case of the current deputy minister of sport, Łukasz Mejza. The company Vinci NeoClinic founded by him promised to treat people struggling with incurable diseases, they determined. The method praised by Mejza has no medical confirmation. Treatment fees started at $ 80,000. On Monday, Wirtualna Polska published another text in which journalists collected the stories of people who had contact with Vinci NeoClinic and – as we read – were persuaded to go to an unproven therapy. Mejza claims that WP publications are “a series of blatant lies” and announces that the case will go to court

Many politicians – not only from the opposition – are calling on the government to dismiss Meuse. Prime Minister Morawiecki said on Monday that “the situation will surely now be the subject of very detailed explanations

The press spokesman of the minister coordinator of secret services, Stanisław Żaryn, said on Friday that the secret services know media reports on the interests of the deputy minister of Mejza and are fulfilling their duties.

Łukasz MejzaMaciej Łuczniewski / Forum

Zbigniew Ajchler, recently asked in Interia how he received the accusations against Mejzy, replied that they were a big surprise for him. “They have a huge impact on his image as a man and politician. That is why such a huge attack should be postponed until the matter is clarified by the institutions and organs of the state that are called to do so. Mejza himself does not admit to the allegations. experiences and harms unfairly inflicted on me by TV Republika in the 8th term, “said the former MP from the Civic Platform.

Main photo source: Marcin Obara / PAP

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