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Zbigniew Gryglas returns to the supervisory board of PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna

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Zbigniew Gryglas was reappointed to the supervisory board of PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna. Jacek Sasin, Minister of State Assets, made a statement on this matter. The former deputy minister of state assets already held this position until June this year.

The management board of PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna announced on Wednesday that the company received a statement from the minister of state assets Jacek Sasin of July 12, 2022 on the appointment of Zbigniew Gryglas to the supervisory board of PGE as of July 12 this year. As explained, the declaration complies with the company’s articles of association, which grant the State Treasury the right to appoint and dismiss one member of the PGE supervisory board by way of a written declaration submitted to the management board.

For Gryglas, this means a quick return to the supervisory board of PGE. The former Deputy Minister of State Assets was a member of this council from November 2021 to June 2022.

The controlling entity of PGE is the State Treasury, which owns 57.39 percent. share in the share capital.

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Zbigniew GryglasMarcin Obara / PAP

Who is Zbigniew Gryglas?

The company announced in the announcement that Zbigniew Gryglas “has several years of experience in the ownership supervision over companies with Treasury shareholding gained in the Ministry of Treasury (1996-2006) and the Ministry of State Assets (2019-2021)”. Gryglas was dismissed from the position of deputy minister of state assets in early September 2021.

Additionally, since January 2022, he has been a member of the Management Board of Polski Holding Hotelowy.

Zbigniew Gryglas performed the mandate of a deputy of the 8th term of the Sejm in 2015-2019. He was a member of the Parliamentary Energy and Treasury Committee. In the parliamentary elections in 2015, he won 1011 votes. He came to the lower house of parliament from the Nowoczesna list, which he parted with in October 2017. In the past, Gryglas has been punished by Modern rebuke for being he spoke from a parliamentary rostrum in the armband of the National Armed Forces.

Gryglas then joined the parliamentary club of Law and Justice. However, in the next parliamentary elections, I did not manage to enter the Sejm.

He co-founded the Agreement, of which he was the vice-president in 2017-2021. However, the presidium of the party’s management board decided to suspend it in February 2021, and then, by a decision of a peers’ court, he was excluded from the party. In June last year he took participation in the founding of the Republican Partyat the head of which he stood Adam Bielan. It included former Covenant politicians Jarosław Gowin, incl. Michał Cieślak and Jacek Żalek.

PGE announced that Gryglas has “many years of experience in working in bodies of commercial companies, including those in the energy sector”. In the past, he was the chairman of the supervisory board of Nafta Polska SA and Naftoport Sp. z o. o

Main photo source: Marcin Obara / PAP

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