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Zbigniew Rau, Minister of Foreign Affairs – expose in the Sejm

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The head of Polish diplomacy, Zbigniew Rau, presents his expose in the Sejm on Thursday. – The future of Europe cannot be built on a compromise between freedom and enslavement, but only on the rejection of its imperial traditions – said the head of the MFA. He added that “since 2007, the greatest threat to peace in Europe has been Russia’s policy.”

During the speech of the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Sejm, the president is present Andrzej Duda. Zbigniew Rau spoke about the tasks of Polish foreign policy in 2023.

The head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stressed that in connection with Russian aggression, “we are experiencing a breakthrough moment in history today.” He stated that this aggression “for Poland, which as the only member FOR THIS and the European Union borders on both Ukraineas well as Russia and Belarusis an existential reflection.

Zbigniew Rau in the SejmPAP/Leszek Szymanski

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He said that one of the most important principles guiding Polish foreign policy is ensuring peace and security.

He noted that Poles know the value of peace perfectly well, and better than anyone in Europe, they also know the costs of war. – That is why we must actively shape an international security system in which armed aggression will be less and less likely. This, in turn, should boil down not only to participation in political and defense alliances, ensuring credible deterrence and effective defense against a possible aggressor, he stressed.

He stated that “prevention of aggression should always have a measurable financial component, so as to eliminate it from any rational calculation of profits and losses of a potential aggressor.” – In practice, this also means Poland’s participation in organizations and coalitions capable of imposing economic sanctions on states that threaten peace. It’s an essential part of maintaining world peace,” Rau said.

“The future of Europe cannot be built on a compromise between freedom and enslavement”

The second principle he mentioned was the democratization of international relations based on the sovereign equality of all states and nations. As he said, it is “the antithesis to all kinds of imperialism, hegemonic aspirations, concerts of powers and their spheres of influence.”

– The nations of Central and Eastern Europe share unique anti-imperial traditions and experiences. We bring them as our important contribution to shaping the common good in Europe and the world. That is why we consider ourselves to be the epicenter of important contemporary values ​​that defend Europe against hegemonic tendencies, the institutionalization of the advantage of large states over medium-sized and small ones, and against slipping into compromises with authoritarianism, said the head of the MFA.

He added that “we know better than others that the future of Europe cannot be built on a compromise between freedom and enslavement, but only on the rejection of its imperial traditions.” – This is why we want a Europe of equal and free nations, standing in solidarity with the countries that are victims of the use of armed force, such as Ukraine today, and earlier, in 2008, Georgia – declared the minister.

He stressed that Poland did not accept and will not accept the division of countries into better and worse – into countries that have the right to make full decisions about their future, security or alliances, and those that are deprived of it.

Expose of Zbigniew Rau in the SejmPAP/Leszek Szymanski

Rau: We consider the right to defense to be an inalienable right of every nation

The third principle of Polish foreign policy, he said, is “legalism, understood as observance of international law.”

– We regard the right to defense as an inalienable right of every nation, which can neither be renounced nor limited. This also means the possibility of applying for membership in collective defense organizations. We will defend this right not only for ourselves, but also for all countries aspiring to join NATO and the European Union, Rau said.

Rau: Russia’s policy has been the biggest threat to peace since 2007

The chief of Polish diplomacy stated that “at least since 2007, since the speech of the Russian president Vladimir Putin at the Munich Security Conference, the greatest threat to peace in Europe stems from Russia’s policy.

– Russia sought to obtain a status in Europe that would allow it to limit the freedom and security of its neighbors. Unfortunately, Russia gradually moved from words to deeds and it became clear that it was seeking to force the international community to recognize its closest neighborhood as a sphere of influence, he said.

Zbigniew Rau in the SejmPAP/Leszek Szymanski

As he said, Russia resorted to armed aggression – an instrument prohibited by international law and placing it outside the community of nations interested in peace, security and cooperation, associated in the OSCE.

– President Putin rejected peace and chose war, violating the fundamental norms of international law, including the UN Charter. In this situation, the goal of our policy is to lead to a situation in which it will be clear to everyone that his choice will lead to a strategic defeat for Russia, and Ukraine will win, survive and remove wars from our borders, Rau said. – It is with this intention that we support Ukraine fighting the Russian invasion, because the sovereign equality of states for us means in practice the right of the Ukrainian people to choose their own identity, political system, political affiliations and military alliances, as well as to decide how long to fight and when to start negotiations with Russia – added the chief of Polish diplomacy.

Main photo source: PAP/Leszek Szymanski

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