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Zbigniew Ziobro on the hybrid war of the European Commission against Poland. Janusz Lewandowski comments

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The European Commission has asked the Court of Justice of the European Union to impose financial penalties on Poland in connection with the disciplinary system of judges. According to the Minister of Justice Zbigniew Ziobro, the activities of the European Commission fall under the category of “hybrid war”. – Vladimir Putin is waging a real hybrid war to weaken the European Union. He is looking for partners who will help him explode the Union from the inside – said Janusz Lewandowski, PO MEP in “Faktach po Faktach”.

On Tuesday, the European Commission asked the Court of Justice of the European Union to impose financial penalties on Poland. It is about failure to comply with the Tribunal’s ruling, which ordered the suspension of the operation of the Disciplinary Chamber of the Supreme Court in July. The Commission also decided to initiate new proceedings against Poland. On the same day, Zbigniew Ziobro, Minister of Justice and Public Prosecutor General commented on the decision. He assessed that the actions of the European Commission fall within the categories of “such a legal hybrid war with an economic aspect, which is being waged against Poland”.


Ziobro on “hybrid war”. Lewandowski: Putin is leading the real war

In the opinion of Janusz Lewandowski, a Civic Platform MEP and former EU budget commissioner, “PiS politicians are increasingly openly saying that they would like to deprive us of what is the greatest achievement of the Solidarity generation, i.e. anchoring Poland in a haven of security after regaining independence. NATO and a haven of civilization opportunities, which is the European Union “.

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Ziobro on the EC’s decision: aggression against Poland under the pretext of the lawTVN24

– We will not change geography, we are among those stronger than us, but we have changed geopolitics. We have liberated today’s generation, and we pass this gift on to future generations, from the geopolitical curse that strangled the aspirations of many previous generations. We will not let us take it – he declared.

In his opinion, individual politicians from the ruling party are not critical of the European Union. – This is a Pisz choir. These people have been mentally outside the European Union for some time – said the guest of “Fakt after Fakt”.

– If Ziobro talks about a hybrid war, he is leading a real hybrid war [Władimir –red] Putin to weaken the European Union for a long time, but he is looking for partners who will help him to burst the Union from within. He found such. Some it pays, and some are volunteers, volunteers in this hybrid war because they seek to weaken the European Union. Kaczyński and Ziobro are volunteers in a hybrid war waged by Putin to weaken the European Union – assessed Lewandowski.

Lewandowski on Terlecki’s words: I am curious where the marshal would like to take Poland out

Lewandowski also referred to the words of the Deputy Speaker of the Sejm, Ryszard Terlecki, who said at the Economic Forum in Karpacz that “we should think about how we can cooperate as much as possible, so that we can all be in the Union, but that this Union should be what it is acceptable to us. “. – If it goes as it looks like it will, then we have to look for drastic solutions. The British showed that the dictatorship of the Brussels bureaucracy did not suit them and turned around and left. We do not want to go out (…), but we cannot get chased into something that will limit our freedom and something that will limit our organic development – said Terlecki.

– I take these amazing words very seriously, because the Marshal of the Polish Seym shows us Brexit as a model of behavior. I am curious where the marshal would like to lead Poland and himself. Probably in Dzikie Pola (Wild Fields), not on distant islands like Great Britain, far from Putin’s border with Russia – he commented.

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