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Zbigniew Ziobro warns against Poland’s consent to the jurisprudence of the CJEU

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Consent to the judgments of the CJEU leads to the segregation of states and citizens, said Zbigniew Ziobro, Minister of Justice in an interview for Rzeczpospolita. When asked if he would remain in the government if Poland would accept the CJEU’s ruling, he stated that “there is a limit to a compromise”.

Justice Minister Zbigniew Ziobro on Thursday in an interview for Rzeczpospolita said that Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki “is a supporter of seeking compromises”. “We believe that EU aggression should meet with a tough response,” emphasized Zbigniew Ziobro. “At the beginning of the rule of the United Right, our policy towards the EU was tougher, which our electorate liked,” assessed the Minister of Justice. “However, it must be remembered that it is the Union that is waging a political war with Hungary and Poland, and not the other way around,” he added.


The minister said that the agenda of the United Right “in terms of values ​​and vision of the EU is contrary to the European mainstream.” “The aspirations of Brussels and the largest European countries are aimed at creating a common federal state and blurring cultural differences” – he assessed.

Zbigniew Ziobro in an interview with Rzeczpospolita emphasized that Poland and Hungary stand in the way of these goals. “We are a victim of a brutal political attack by EU institutions,” he said.

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The minister said that “using a pretext”, the Hungarians had blocked funds to fight the effects of the pandemic. “Even if Poland agrees to the EU’s dictate on the judiciary, the EU will find another reason to scare us with withdrawing money and force concessions in other areas,” he announced.

Minister of Justice Zbigniew ZiobroPAP / Tomasz Gzell

Ziobro for the future of the coalition if Poland agrees to the CJEU ruling

In mid-July Court of Justice of the European Union ruled that the system of disciplinary liability of judges in Poland is inconsistent with EU law. The day before, the CJEU obliged Poland to suspend the application of provisions concerning, in particular, the powers of the unrecognized Disciplinary Chamber of the Supreme Court, also in cases of lifting judicial immunities.

Zbigniew Ziobro, when asked if he would remain in the government if Poland accepted the CJEU ruling, stated that “there is a limit to a compromise”. “The basis for the definition of our interests and position in the EU must be the principle that Poles and Poland cannot be treated worse than others. If we agree to this in matters of the judiciary, we will lead to similar treatment in every other case,” he said.

“The financial, economic and cultural interests of some will be treated with respect, and others will be reduced to a subordinate role. This limit cannot be exceeded. The consent to the CJEU judgments leads to the segregation of states and citizens” – added Zbigniew Ziobro.

Main photo source: PAP / Tomasz Gzell

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