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Zbigniew Ziobro's private e-mail appeared on tapes about the Justice Fund and news about the hate scandal

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There is a common point both in the findings of “Black and White” and OKO.press regarding the hate scandal, as well as in the disclosed recordings of the former director of the Justice Fund Department at the Ministry of Justice, Tomasz Mraz. This is the same private e-mail address of former Minister of Justice Zbigniew Ziobro. Was the leader of Sovereign Poland informed about plans to slander at least one judge and controversial grants from the Justice Fund?

On Monday, in “Black and White” on TVN24, the report “The Boss's Request” was published, which revealed new facts about the hate scandal. At the same time, a portal OKO.press published these findings in a text version.


Marta Gordziewicz from “Black and white” and Mariusz Jałoszewski from OKO.press obtained evidence that proves that Zbigniew Ziobrowhen he was Minister of Justice, he was informed about plans to slander at least one judge by a group gathered around the then deputy minister Łukasz Piebiak, fighting independent judges opposed to the politicization of the judiciary under the rule of the United Right.

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According to the findings of “Black and white” and OKO.press, Łukasz Piebiak sent an e-mail to Zbigniew Ziobro's private mailbox, which he received from the deputy disciplinary spokesman for judges, Przemysław Radzik – it was a report on plans to prepare an unspecified publication intended to harm judge Waldemar Żurek.

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The e-mail was sent to Ziobro to a private e-mail address that begins with “mail70”.

E-mail sent by Łukasz Piebiak to Zbigniew ZiobroRafał Guz/PAP

“She wrote an e-mail to my private e-mail address, I think it was cc70”

The same e-mail address appears in the records of Tomasz Mraz's tapes, which were published last Friday by “Gazeta Wyborcza”. This is a long exchange of words between Mraz, former deputy minister of justice Marcin Romanowski, and official Urszula D. The tapes reveal how the main characters in the Justice Fund scandal were preparing for the actions of the prosecutor's office, including possible interrogations and arrests.

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Below is an excerpt from the recorded conversation:

Urszula D.: Let's better think about how we will answer if they ask us about Patrycja.

Tomasz Mraz: : I only had contact with her once. Outside the elevators. Because sometimes I saw her in the elevators. But I remember that she was like that once, when it was about vests, and then she probably wrote an e-mail to me on my private e-mail address, I think there was a post office in DW70to send a list of schools to which the vests were sent. And then we should call them, these schools, and verify these schools whether they can confirm to us that they received these vests. It was also some kind of action. That was the only time I had contact with her. (These are vests promoting the Justice Fund – ed.)


This would mean that Zbigniew Ziobro had knowledge about which schools received vests from the Justice Fund.

Vests from the Justice Fund. What is it about?

In 2018, the Justice Fund announced a competition for “counteracting the causes of crime” regarding road safety. Only one organization entered the competition – the National Life Day Celebration Committee Foundation – and it received almost the entire grant, over PLN 24 million.

For this money, she wanted to organize a nationwide “It's good to see you” campaign. The face of the campaign was actor Cezary Pazura, who appeared in advertising spots. However, the main expense was the distribution of reflective vests with the Justice Fund logo to primary school students in Poland.

However, the foundation had problems from the beginning, because the deadlines for completing the task were short and the order was huge. No one applied for the tender, even though the foundation postponed the deadline for applications several times. Finally, after a few months, she gave up the tender and ordered the vests to be delivered locally.

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So the vests reached schools with a considerable delay, but with one exception. The tender announced by the foundation included the production of vests for students from all over Poland, “excluding primary school students in the Silesian Voivodeship”. Where does this provision come from to treat this particular voivodeship differently?

They were taking place in a few weeks elections local government. The Silesian Voivodeship is the electoral area of ​​Michał Woś, a politician of the then Solidarity, today Sovereign Poland, who at that time was the deputy minister of justice and on behalf of Ziobro was responsible for the Justice Fund. Woś was “number one” for the Silesian assembly.

As revealed by the OKO.press portal, on October 15, 2018, i.e. six days before the elections, the inauguration of the “Good to See You” campaign took place with great pomp in Kuźnia Raciborska, Woś's hometown. It was attended by the then Minister of Education Anna Zalewska, Minister Zbigniew Ziobro, Cezary Pazura and, of course, Woś himself. The politicians were surrounded by children, all dressed in vests with the Justice Fund logo, although – let us remind you – at that time vests for students from the rest of Poland were only in production.

Inauguration of the “Good to see you” campaignMEN

One year later NIK audited both the grant award and the “Good to See You” campaign itself. The inspection results were devastating. According to NIK, the granting of the subsidy “was not preceded by a reliable analysis indicating the justification for carrying out this type of action”, and the ministry did not conduct any consultations with entities dealing with road safety, e.g. the police. NIK also found that the ministry awarded over PLN 24 million to a foundation that “was unable to demonstrate experience in organizing projects that were the subject of a tender competition” and therefore the vests were delivered several months after the deadline.

On October 20, 2023, five days after the parliamentary elections, the National Life Day Celebration Committee Foundation was removed from the register of associations.

Michał WośPAP/Paweł Supernak

“The result of the decision I made” vs. “I did not participate in these activities”

On Tuesday, Jakub Sobieniowski, reporter of “Fakty” TVN, recalled archived statement by Zbigniew Ziobro from January 31, 2018. The then minister was in Rabka-Zdrój, where he handed over equipment to firefighters.

Ziobro admitted that it was he who decided in this matter. – The fact that we are here is, of course, the result of the decision I made to transfer funds from the Justice Fund to the Volunteer Fire Department – he said.

On March 26, 2024, after investigators searched Ziobro's house, he said: – Everyone knows perfectly well that the direct decisions regarding specific cases that were made in the Justice Fund, except for one, were made by my subordinates.

– I did not even – in the documentation sense – participate in these activities, he argued.

Ziobro's statements from 2018 and 2024 about the Justice FundTVN24

Patrycja Kotecka “was an eminence grise in the Ministry of Justice”

Wojciech Czuchnowski, a journalist from “Gazeta Wyborcza”, spoke about the revealed tapes on TVN24. He pointed out that the name of Patrycja Kotecka, Zbigniew Ziobro's wife, appears for the first time.

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– The participants of this conversation emphasize that everything must be done to prevent the relationship with Patrycja Kotecka from ending. The (former) director of this fund (Urszula D.) even says that she will deny everything and that she hopes that their correspondence on WhatsApp will not be intercepted. There is also a sentence that Patrycja Kotecka interfered in the processes of granting subsidies (from the Justice Fund – ed.) and that she was interested in various details, that she was an eminence grise in the Ministry of Justice – said Czuchnowski.

Patrycja Kotecka "She was an eminence grise in the Ministry of Justice"

Patrycja Kotecka “was an eminence grise in the Ministry of Justice” TVN24

He also noted that Kotecka did not work at the Ministry of Justice. – However, it is clear that either she was respected or the employees were simply afraid of her. They took calls in the middle of the night. There is a sentence like this: “Patrycja is calling you, not you calling Patrycja.” So she was treated as the boss's wife who could do anything, the journalist noted.

TVN24, tvn24.pl, “Gazeta Wyborcza”

Main photo source: Rafał Guz/PAP

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