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Zbigniew Ziobro's prosecutor's office discontinued the investigation into the sale of recordings to Russians. In three weeks

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Zbigniew Ziobro's trusted prosecutor's office discontinued the case regarding the sale of recordings from the tape scandal to Russians in three weeks – wrote “Newsweek”. The discontinuation – according to the weekly – took place “quietly” and the case “was conducted outside counterintelligence and prosecutors specialized in fighting espionage.”

“Newsweek” wrote that the Regional Prosecutor's Office in Gdańsk “quietly discontinued the high-profile case of selling recordings from the wiretapping scandal to Russian services.”

“Not only was it done by Zbigniew Ziobro's trusted people, but the case was conducted outside counterintelligence and prosecutors specialized in fighting espionage,” wrote “Newsweek.” It took investigators just three weeks to discontinue the investigation, at the turn of July and August 2023.

“The reason – lack of evidence of a crime. However, there are many indications that the person conducting the case, Paweł Fabisiak, was not actually looking for it, or was looking for it but not to find it. And he quietly closed the case. It came to light only after the and February, the management of the prosecutor's office changed,” we read in the weekly.

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Rzeczkowski: It's as if a security company had to explain a murder

The author of the article, Grzegorz Rzeczkowski, was a guest of the “Press Box” on TVN24 on Sunday. – Marek Falenta, according to his former partner Marcin W., sold recordings (wiretaps from the tape scandal – ed.) to the Russians. The prosecutor's office assured me for a year and a half that it was conducting an investigation and doing it thoroughly, and then it turned out that it had initiated it a year and a half after the testimony was given, and then discontinued it within three weeks, he said.

– Importantly, counterintelligence was not involved in this case. It's as if there was a murder somewhere and Municipal Police or the security company was called by the prosecutor's office to explain and indicate who the perpetrator was – said the journalist.

Main photo source: Darek Delmanowicz/PAP

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