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Friday, September 24, 2021

Zbójna Commune. She heard a four-year prison sentence for the murder of her child. Cassation has been filed with the Supreme Court

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A woman from the Podlaskie Voivodeship was accused of killing her newborn child. In the first instance, the court sentenced her to five years’ imprisonment. The court of second instance reduced the sentence by one year. Now, cassation appeals have been filed with the Supreme Court in this case.

Investigators initially believed that the child had been abandoned and left unattended after giving birth, and died as a result. Ultimately, however, the prosecutor’s office in Łomża, which conducted the case, decided that there were grounds for charging the murder to the mother of the deceased newborn.

In the information on the indictment, the prosecutor’s office stated that the evidence collected in the investigation showed that the accused immediately after giving birth “had injured the occipital area, and then hid the child, leaving it unattended, and consequently died.”

The family was not supposed to know about the hidden pregnancy

According to the investigators’ findings, the family was not supposed to know about the hidden pregnancy. The police were notified by a doctor to whom the woman came. He talked about the patient after the delivery, but without the baby. The corpse of a newborn was discovered in a container standing in a garden on the property in the Zbójna commune in Podlaskie Voivodeship.

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Since her arrest, the woman has been under temporary arrest. She gave explanations in the investigation. She pleaded not guilty to the charges. The experts assessed that in this case it cannot be said that the mother killed the child during the delivery as a result of its course. The woman faced up to eight years in prison.

Court: extraordinary leniency

The District Court in Łomża, as part of the trial that took place from May to November 2020, assumed that the accused acted jointly and in agreement with another, unknown person and with the intention of direct murder. He sentenced the mother to five years in prison, with extraordinary leniency.

The verdict was appealed not only by the defense lawyer, but also by the prosecutor’s office, which demanded a more severe penalty for the woman. As in the first instance, the trial in the court of appeal was held in camera.

The appellate court lowered the sentence by a year

In April 2021, the Białystok appeal court he lowered the sentence to four years’ imprisonment, also applying extraordinary leniency and changed the description of the act. It found that the woman, acting with direct intent, had murdered her newborn child in such a way that she had failed to provide him with proper care immediately after birth and that she had hidden the child in a bucket, which, including serious trauma and head injuries, resulted in the death of the child. The court assumed that the head injuries in question occurred under unknown circumstances.


Now, cassations against the final judgment have been filed with the Supreme Court. The date of hearing the case is not yet known.

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