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Zboże – comments Maria Sapiło from the “Farmer” Production and Commercial Farm and Wiesław Gryn from the “Cheated Village” Association

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The Polish government did not create a solidarity corridor for Ukrainian grain and did not secure our market – said Maria Sapiło from Gospodarstwo Produkcyjno-Handlowe “Farmer” in “Fakty po Faktach” on TVN24. In turn, Wiesław Gryn from the “Cheated Wieś” Association added that “we have a completely deregulated market and no prospects for selling this grain.”

– Grain shipments from Ukraine passing through Poland will be escorted and monitored by the SENT system – Robert Telus, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, announced on Tuesday. He added that Poland was forced to ban food imports from Ukraine “due to the fact that European Union had her eyes closed to the problem we had in Poland concerning the importation of large quantities of grain (…) into Poland”.

The problem with grain – comment Maria Sapiło and Wiesław Gryn

– Nobody forced us to create a solidarity corridor. Poland joined of its own free will among several neighboring states of Ukraine. The question is why they didn’t join Germany – they also have port facilities, much better and more perfect than ours. But they didn’t join. Since Poland has decided that we will create this solidarity corridor, since the government has agreed to it, then it should create this corridor. The World Bank, European banks that joined the declaration of solidarity corridors, created funds, provided funds for this, and each state, each government that was to create this corridor was to do it on its own – explained Sapiło.

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She added that the Polish government did not do this and “did not secure our local market, our domestic market” and “allowed (Ukrainian – ed.) grain to stay in our country, fill our warehouses, take up space our Polish grain.

– The Polish government denied that it had no means, no mechanisms to secure our domestic market, to change this situation so that grain would remain in our country – she said.

In turn, Gryn stated that “the slogan deceived village is true”. – Today we have a completely deregulated market and no prospects for selling this grain, liquidation somewhere abroad, because we will suffocate during the harvest – he stressed.

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