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Zduny. Łowicz. The bull escaped from the farm. During the intervention, an officer tried to attack. A taser was used

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In the town of Zduny near Łowicz (Łódź Voivodeship), policemen, a veterinarian and firefighters tried to catch a bull weighing half a ton that had escaped from one of the farms. He was aggressive and tried to attack. The policeman used a taser and the vet gave him sedatives – describes the spokeswoman for the Łódź police.

The incident took place on January 27 in Zduny near Łowicz. The services were put on their feet due to the escape of an aggressive bull. The animal was supposed to be walking in a field near national road 92 and the railway tracks.

A veterinarian, police and fire brigade rushed to the site.

The bull was running in the field between national road 92 and the railway routeAlarmowy Łowicz

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The bull attacked a firefighter and a policemanAlarmowy Łowicz

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An aggressive bull tried to attack

Information about the bull that escaped from the farm is confirmed by the police. – A man called 112 to report that a bull had escaped from his property. Firefighters, a veterinarian and police officers were dispatched to the site. Due to the fact that the bull was behaving aggressively and started attacking, it was necessary to somehow restrain him, so the policeman used a taser, the veterinarian gave him sedatives and that was the end of the intervention – describes Commissioner Aneta Sobieraj from the Provincial Police Headquarters in Łódź. He adds: – The bull returned to the farm. And its owner was fined for failing to properly secure the animal.

The bull was calmed down. Its owner was finedAlarmowy Łowicz

Main photo source: Alarmowy Łowicz

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