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Zduny. They took the dogs for a walk by the lake. The hunter shot the bitch

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The police in Starogard Gdański (Pomeranian Voivodeship) charged a 72-year-old hunter with animal abuse. A man shot a dog that was walking with its owners by the lake. The 72-year-old now faces three years in prison.

Staff assistant Marcin Kunka from the Poviat Police Headquarters in Starogard Gdański informed that the officers were explaining the circumstances regarding the shooting of the dog, which took place on Saturday (January 14).

– A man came to our command who reported that his dog had been shot. The incident happened around noon on a dirt road near a lake in Zduny, Kunka said.

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A 72-year-old resident of the Tczew poviat was detained in the case, who was supposed to be hunting in the area that day. – As the policemen working on the case established, the hunter who fired the shot had a permit required to possess a firearm. The evidence collected in this case allowed the suspect to be charged with abuse, the police officer said. The 72-year-old faces a sentence of up to three years in prison.

Wendy was shot in the faceKrzemiński Veterinary Hospital

The owner of the bitch shot: a shot was fired, I heard a terrible squeak of a dog

We reached the owner of the shot dog named Wendy. The man admits that the event was traumatic for him. – On Saturday, January 14, we went with three friends and four dogs for a walk around Lake Zduny near Starogard. We know these areas very well, we often go there. A walk along the lake, Saturday, nice weather, a lot of people on the route, runners, walkers with children, people on horses, the man reported.

As he said, the group was walking along a public road, there were no signs anywhere warning that a hunt was taking place nearby. As they were about to turn back, Wendy stepped away from the owners for a moment. – She went to the front to the lake to drink, literally 10-15 meters ahead of us and suddenly a shot was fired from the right. I hear a terrible dog squeak, practically a wail. I didn’t record what happened. After a while, Wendy came to me. On the right side she had a torn muzzle and a wound on her shoulder blade. There was blood everywhere,” the dog’s owner said.

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As he added, then they noticed a man pointing a gun towards the road. To the surprise of Wendy’s owner and his friends, the hunter was to admit that he saw him shoot the dog. The hunter – according to the owner of the bitch – was supposed to say that dogs can be shot.

Vet: The condition looked dramatic

The female was taken to the Krzemiński Veterinary Hospital in Gdańsk. The dog’s condition was very dramatic. He had a laceration around the mouth, nose and lips. When we took an X-ray, fortunately, it turned out that the bones were not damaged – Martyna Mohr, a veterinarian from the hospital, told us.

As Wendy’s owner told us, the female is feeling better. At least physically. He doesn’t want to go outside. He’s afraid.

Main photo source: Krzemiński Veterinary Hospital

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