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Żelechlinek. Death at the wedding. There is an autopsy on the 21-year-old. Her accompanying person was heard as a witness

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Drowning was the cause of the death of a young woman who participated in a wedding party in Żelechlinek (Łódź Voivodeship) on Saturday – these are the preliminary results of the 21-year-old autopsy. According to the investigators, experts in the field of forensic medicine have found no traces that the tragedy could have been caused by third parties. However, the prosecutor’s office still formally does not rule out this version.

The 21-year-old died on Saturday night. Woman she was having fun at the wedding party in one of the banquet rooms in Żelechlinek. During the event, she left the room with a man who was her companion. After some time, he returned to the room alone and asked about his partner. The participants of the event began their search. Around 3 o’clock the services were alerted. A few hours later, around 7 a.m., the woman’s body was found by firefighters in a pond.

On Monday, a forensic medical examination of the 21-year-old was carried out. As Katarzyna Pasikowska-Poczopko – a TVN24 reporter dealing with the case – found out – the preliminary results of the section indicated that drowning was the cause of the death of the 21-year-old.

– The District Prosecutor’s Office in Tomaszów Mazowiecki said that there were no traces on the body indicating that third parties contributed to the tragedy. However, samples were taken for further research – reports the journalist.

The prosecutor’s office examining the circumstances of the tragedy emphasizes that – at this stage – it does not rule out any version of the events, although the circumstances may indicate that an accident took place in Żelechlinek.

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No complaints. The man was heard as a witness

On Monday, there was an interrogation of a young man who left the room with a 21-year-old and was the last person to see her alive. The man was testifying as a witness because the prosecutors did not find any grounds for accusing him.

She had fun at the wedding. Her body was found in a pondTVN24

Unofficially, we found out that the man told the policemen that he and the 21-year-old sat on the bench. At one point – as he claims – he fell asleep, drenched by alcohol. When he awoke, his companion was gone. So he returned to the room and raised the alarm when the 21-year-old was not there.

Cameras are installed in the banquet hall, but none of them was to record the course of the event. The recordings from the monitoring cameras – as established by the TVN24 reporter – show a couple walking around the pond. You can also see how the man later returns to the room alone.

The tragedy happened in the town of Żelechlinek

Main photo source: TVN24

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