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Zelensky comments on the situation of Ukrainian grain

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We found a way out; in the coming days/weeks there will be a final solution to this issue – said President Volodymyr Zelensky referring to Ukrainian grain. Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki announced that both sides “offered each other a solution in this matter”. He added that “it is to be implemented quickly.” The opening of a new railway border crossing between Rawa Ruska and Hrebenne was also announced.

At a press conference after the meeting with Zelensky, the head of the Polish government announced that the talks also concerned the issue of Ukrainian grain, which was sent to Poland.

– Today we did not omit a difficult topic for Poles, completely unrelated to this very dramatic and heroic fight, namely the problems we have on the Polish market with Ukrainian grain and Ukrainian agricultural goods – he said Mateusz Morawiecki.

– We have proposed a certain solution to each other, which must be implemented quickly, because it is also evident today that these problems are causing us a very powerful headache today – added the Prime Minister.

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We discussed matters concerning our farmers – Ukrainian farmers and Polish farmers – Zelenski said after the meeting with Morawiecki. “We found a way out,” he added. “I believe that in the coming days/weeks there will be a final resolution of all matters,” the president added Ukraine.

He also stressed that “there can be no problems, no difficulties between such close partners, true friends as Poland and Ukraine”.

The Polish head of government also declared that it was proof of Polish-Ukrainian cooperation opening of a new railway border crossing between Rawa Ruska and Hrebenne.

Resignation of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development

– Since it is very clear that this basic demand of farmers will not be met, I have made a decision, I have resigned from the function of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development – said Henryk Kowalczyk during Wednesday’s statement. He has been the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development since October 26, 2021.

The Deputy Prime Minister reminded that one of the points of the agreement with farmers signed last Wednesday was the commitment that the Polish government would apply to the European Commission to activate the protection clause regarding duty-free grain imports from Ukraine. – Such a request was made on March 31 by the Polish government, together with the governments SlovakiaRomania, Hungarian and Bulgaria, however European Commission published a draft of the extension of duty-free and quota-free imports of cereals from Ukraine for another year, which is to apply from June this year to June 5, 2024 – indicated Henryk Kowalczyk.

Henry KowalczykAlbert Zawada/PAP

Farmers protest

In recent weeks, we have been dealing with growing dissatisfaction of farmers who have a number of comments about the government’s policy. For several days, there has been a protest in front of the Provincial Office in Szczecin, farmers are demanding, among others, to settle the issue of grain from Ukraine. The protesters broke the so-called green town.

Demonstrating farmers in recent weeks disrupted events involving Kowalczyk. This was the case, e.g. in Kielce, when the Minister of Agriculture had to be evacuated from the hall during an agricultural fair after being surrounded by farmers who whistled and chanted vulgar slogans. The protesters also disrupted Kowalczyk’s speech during the agricultural forum in Jasionka. Some of the protesters threw eggs at the minister.

Last Wednesday, a round table was held at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development on the situation on the market in connection with the amount of Ukrainian grain imported to Poland. After the meeting, a preliminary agreement was announced, which the Minister of Agriculture signed with other organizations associating farmers. The document signed by, among others, Kowalczyk and the leader of AgroUnia, Michał Kołodziejczak, contained 11 points.

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