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Zemborzyce Tereszynskie. The production hall was on fire. There were 45 firefighters on site

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Thirteen fire brigades fought a fire that broke out in Zemborzyce Tereszyńskie (Lubelskie Province), where a furniture factory was burning. No one was hurt in the fire. The fire destroyed the roof of the building.

The fire broke out in Zemborzyce Tereszyńskie in the Lublin district, about 400 meters from the expressway. A furniture factory was set on fire. Firefighters received a call on Thursday (January 12) at 2.43.

– The building is U-shaped. The north-eastern part was on fire. The fire covered an area of ​​20 by 15 meters – says senior captain Andrzej Szacoń from the Municipal Headquarters of the State Fire Service in Lublin.

The fire broke out in the production hall KM PSP Lublin

The roof was damaged

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“By the time we arrived, the fire was already well developed. The situation was brought under control at 5.20. Extinguishing is underway, the fireman points out.

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The roof was damagedKM PSP Lublin

As a result of the fire, the roof of the building was damaged, of which the building supervision was notified.

The police are investigating the cause of the fire

– No one was hurt in the fire. There is a residential building next door, but it was saved from fire. However, when it comes to the production plant, the losses are large. They were estimated at 600,000. zloty. In addition to the building, production materials, machines, etc. were also on fire – emphasizes Capt. Andrzej Szacon.

There were 13 fire brigades on the spot, i.e. 45 firefighters. The causes of the fire are not yet known. It’s fixed by the police.

Thirteen fire engines were at the sceneKM PSP Lublin

Main photo source: KM PSP Lublin

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