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Zero VAT on food. “Monitoring” of prices in stores. Trade inspection on controls

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Trade inspectors have been checking prices in shops since Monday, informs “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna”. The reason is the reduction of VAT on food from 5 percent to 0 percent planned from February 1. The results of inspections on the fuel market are to be presented soon.

– The price monitoring carried out this week is to be the basis for assessing whether the stores have complied and to what extent with the guidelines for reducing VAT on basic foodstuffs – explains the spokeswoman for UOKiK Małgorzata Cieloch in “DGP”, adding that prices will be inspected once every one week until the preferential rate applies.

He also argues that the monitoring is justified. On Friday, the results of similar research carried out on the fuel market are to be published in connection with the VAT reduction from 23 percent. up to 8 percent at the end of 2021 – I cannot disclose their results. All I can say is that anomalies have been detected. Not all networks immediately followed the new guidelines, explains Małgorzata Cieloch.


Zero VAT on food. UOKiK on control

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Last week, UOKiK informed that at a special meeting with the industry: the Polish Trade and Distribution Organization and the Polish Chamber of Commerce, as well as a dozen or so commercial networks, actions of the office and the Trade Inspection were announced, including constant monitoring of prices of selected food products and stigmatizing negative practices of sellers . The President of UOKiK, Tomasz Chróstny, appealed to sellers to reduce the prices of food products after the statutory changes to VAT from February 1st.

From February 1, in accordance with the so-called 2.0 anti-inflationary shield, reduction of VAT rates to 0%. food products, currently taxed at a rate of 5%, are to be covered. These include meat and fish and their products, dairy products, vegetables and fruits, cereals and bakery products, some drinks and products for feeding infants and children, e.g. porridges.

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