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Zgierz. A hungry six-year-old went alone by train to her grandmother in Łódź, her mother was drunk

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The policemen received information about a small child wandering on the platform of the Łódź railway station. The girl was taken care of by other travelers. As it turned out, at the same time a completely drunk mother tried to find her daughter in Zgierz.

She was scared and very hungry. A six-year-old girl, who got off on Saturday at the Radogoszcz Wschód train stop in Łódź, caught the attention of the couple who were waiting for the train. – The travelers took care of the child and called the police – says Magdalena Nowacka, sub-commissioner from the Zgierz district headquarters in an interview with tvn24.pl.

The girl introduced herself to the policemen and said where she lives. The officers heard that the mother was asleep, so the child decided to come by train to the grandmother living in Łódź.


Father at work, mother drunk

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– We confirmed the details of the child. Soon after, one of the Zgierz patrols was at the door of the apartment where the six-year-old girl lives with her parents. Unfortunately, no one opened it – reports Nowacka.

The uniforms decided to go to the Zgierz railway station.

They guessed that the mother was probably looking for a daughter. They were not wrong. On the spot, they found a woman smothered with alcohol, asking travelers about her child – says the policewoman.

It turned out that the mother had 2.6 alcohol levels in her body. Her six-year-old daughter was handed over to her grandmother. The child’s father, police say, was at work when the incident took place.

– There will be criminal proceedings against the mother. The family court will also be notified about the case, concludes Sub-commissioner Nowacka.

The girl got off the trains at the Radogoszcz Wschód station

Main photo source: Police in Zgierz

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