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Zgierz county. Posing as policemen, they entered the house and tied up the owner. They were caught red-handed

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Posing as policemen, they attacked and robbed one of the families. The men were arrested red-handed. The attackers were imprisoned for three months. Armed robbery is punishable by up to fifteen years in prison.

According to Commissioner Edyta Michnik from the Provincial Police Headquarters in Łódź, the criminals have been working on this criminal group for over half a year. Under the guise of police action and using elements of uniforms, the men entered one of the houses in the Zgierz district. The incident took place on February 12, 2023 in the evening.

“The attackers tied the owner of the apartment with plastic handcuffs, tearing off the gold bracelet from his hand. Guarding the other household members, they took their mobile phones and started plundering the apartment. No one was injured, the policewoman informed.

They were arrested and charged

She added that during the searches of the men and their places of residence, elements of uniforms with the word police, police badges and vests, gas and telescopic batons were found. “With the 42-year-old, the police revealed the weapon that the man used to carry out the robbery. It will be submitted for ballistic testing” – explained Michnik.

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They posed as policemen, tied up the owner of the houseLodz Police

The men were arrested and imprisoned for three months. They were charged with armed robbery. “The oldest of the perpetrators, a 57-year-old resident of Łódź, has been repeatedly recorded for crimes against life and health. In July 2022, he left the prison. He will be held responsible in the conditions of repeated recidivism. The 39- and 34-year-olds will also be responsible for recidivism” stressed the Commissioner.

They posed as policemen, tied up the owner of the houseLodz Police

For armed robbery, they face up to 15 years in prison, and in the case of recidivism, the perpetrators must take into account an increased penalty.

Main photo source: Lodz Police

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