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Zgierz. Expressway S14. Although it is closed, cars, trucks and cyclists drive on it

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In just half an hour on the closed expressway S14 near Zgierz (Łódź Voivodeship) a dozen or so passenger cars, as well as a lorry and three cyclists passed at great speed. “Even if the road is almost finished and the last finishing works are in progress there, you must not enter it” – reminds GDDKiA. The police in connection with the incidents announce more frequent checks.

Our journalist went on Tuesday, July 4 to the vicinity of the S14 expressway in Zgierz. In just half an hour, he managed to record situations that should not have happened there. On the still closed road, at that time, several passenger cars passed – often at great speed. There was also a tanker truck, which turned back after a while. Several cyclists also passed through the “construction site”.

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GDDKiA: the construction site is an area closed to outsiders

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Our journalist told the spokesperson of the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways in Łódź about what is happening on the expressway. He also showed videos of the place. – There is an iron rule that the construction site is a closed area for outsiders, no matter what stage this construction is at – reminds the spokesman of the Lodz branch GDDKiAby Maciej Zalewski. – This is not dictated by the desire to make someone’s life difficult or to introduce an additional ban, but it is dictated by safety reasons, because anything can happen on a construction site. Even if the road is almost finished and the last finishing works are in progress, it is not allowed to enter there – adds Zalewski.

The road is still closed, but cars, trucks and cyclists drive on itTVN24

The topic is known, not only from this road

Maciej Zalewski admits that the subject is familiar to him and does not concern only the S14 expressway. He reminds that such situations happened, among others, on the A1 motorway under construction near Łódź. In some cases, the spokesman says, they ended tragically. – As a warning, I recall the situation with a couple who rode a motorcycle on the A1 motorway, at the Łódź Południe junction a few years ago. The road was completely ready. The motorcyclist was returning with his wife from a rally in Częstochowa, he bypassed all security, a security guard who tried to stop him and drove north at first, then turned around and drove south. In that direction, the road ended in such a way that there was a seven-meter escarpment, and this couple fell. They died on the spot – emphasized the spokesman of the Łódź branch of GDDKiA.

The road is not open, but cars, trucks and cyclists drive on itTVN24

The spokesman assured that every situation when someone enters an unopened road is reported to the services. – It is a huge area and difficult to seal, and basically at every possible inlet, at every hectometre post, a policeman or gendarme would have to be on guard. It just can’t be done. The road contractor is in constant contact with the police and reports such situations. But I think that the most important asset in this case will be common sense and we try to refer to it, but as you can see, not everyone gets it – concludes Zalewski.

The road is not open, but cars, trucks and cyclists drive on itTVN24

There will be more patrols

Junior aspirant Łukasz Krzemień from the Poviat Police Headquarters in Zgierz said that after the signals from our journalist and the recordings he had seen, he talked to the head of the Road Traffic Department. – The warden talked about this problem with the construction manager, who will inform us about such cases. The head also assured that police officers would be sent there in the afternoon and evening for ad hoc tasks, the police officer told us.

The road is not open, but cars, trucks and cyclists drive on itTVN24

Expressway S14 on the section Aleksandrów Łódzki – Słowik, It is scheduled to open to traffic in mid-July.

Main photo source: TVN24

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