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Zgierz. Łódź. The pediatrician issued false prescriptions. “Medicines were much cheaper than in the EU”

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The owner of a pharmacy in Łódź and the manager of a pharmacy in Zgierz faces up to 12 years in prison for ordering and selling specialized drugs used, among others, in transplantology, neurology and oncology. Prescriptions for medicines were issued by a pediatrician. As a tvn24.pl journalist found out, the charges presented by the prosecutor’s office concern over seven thousand drugs worth nearly PLN 4.5 million.

As our journalist found out, the practice was to take place from April 2021 to November 2023. The man was the owner of a pharmacy in Łódź and the manager of a pharmacy in Zgierz. The Provincial Pharmaceutical Inspectorate in Łódź informed the prosecutor’s office about the irregularities. Krzysztof Kopania, spokesman for the District Prosecutor’s Office in Łódź, informs that in both pharmacies specialist drugs were ordered and then sold in very large quantities, within limits that significantly differed from the demand for the quantities of drugs sold in other pharmacies. – It can even be said that these amounts covered up to 90 percent of the needs of the entire Łódź Voivodeship. These were very specialized drugs, prescribed by transplantologists, neurologists or oncologists, and were subject to strict registration by both the manufacturer and wholesalers – the prosecutor informs us.

Specialized medications were prescribed by a pediatrician

As a tvn24.pl journalist found out, prescriptions for medicines were written by a pediatrician. Our information is confirmed by the prosecutor’s office. – I confirm that the prescriptions for the drugs were written by a pediatrician who, in fact, should not write such drugs. Prescriptions were also allegedly written by Ukrainian doctors. From a formal point of view, these Ukrainian recipes met the requirements, but their authenticity is questionable and is being verified – says Krzysztof Kopania.

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Over seven thousand packages of specialized medicines

– The man was charged with violating pharmaceutical law. This crime involves the sale of medicines contrary to the conditions set out in pharmaceutical law, especially sales that did not serve the direct purpose of supplying the population with medicines – says Krzysztof Kopania. He adds that the charges cover over seven thousand one hundred packages of medicines, for a total amount of nearly PLN 4.5 million. – Taking into account the amount of drugs sold and their value, as well as the fact that the suspect has established a permanent source of income for himself, there is a risk of a penalty of up to 12 years in prison – informs the spokesman of the Łódź prosecutor’s office. The man pleaded not guilty and refused to provide explanations. – The prosecutor’s office placed the man under police supervision. He has been banned from running a pharmacy, banned from holding the position of pharmacy manager and banned from contacting the Polish pediatrician who issued prescriptions for drugs.

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Medicines were much cheaper in Poland than in the European Union

The prosecutor’s office reports that, according to an inspection carried out by the Provincial Pharmaceutical Inspectorate, drugs sold in pharmacies in Łódź and Zgierz were much cheaper than in the European Union. – We will be able to finally draw reliable conclusions about where these drugs went when we reach the people who filled individual prescriptions, and there could have been several thousand of them – sums up the spokesman for the Łódź district prosecutor’s office. As our journalist found out, the man is also subject to proceedings before a pharmacy court.

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