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Zgierz. They built lights in the middle of the Okręglik forest. The signaling is controversial, it has not been launched for months

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On the road running through the Okręglik forest in Zgierz (Łódź Voivodeship), traffic lights were created and caused an avalanche of malicious comments. Drivers ask why the lights are in a place where there are only trees all around. Officials reply that the investment makes sense. The problem is that the lights have not been turned on for months. Because building it is one thing, and connecting to electricity is another.

Wherever you look – forest. More precisely, the Okręglik forest growing between Zgierz and the nearby Łódź. Konstantynowska Street, where new traffic lights were ready in January, runs among the trees. – It grew right behind a small bridge over the Wrząca River. A charming place – says Piotr Krysztofiak, a reporter for Radio Łódź, who was the first to look at this unusual investment.

It is unusual in that it is 200 meters in a straight line to the nearest buildings – three single-family houses. To reach other residents – at Okręglik Street – you have to walk over half a kilometer.


First question: why here?

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The works that lasted until the beginning of this year aroused great controversy among drivers. Some mocked that the lights were set for boars, deer and squirrels. However, officials from the District Office in Zgierz patiently replied that residents of nearby houses had been asking for the construction of traffic lights for a long time. They also pointed out that there are bus stops on both sides of the street. And the traffic lights are to make it possible to cross the road in a safe way.

Bogdan Jarota, the starosty of Zgierz, in an interview with Radio Łódź, emphasized that the red light for drivers would only turn on after the pedestrian had pressed the button.

– Therefore, the investment will not be burdensome for drivers – emphasized the starost.

Exactly, “it will not” be burdensome, because the functioning of the lights can still only be talked about in the future. Because although the investment for nearly PLN 100,000 was ready in January, it still has not been launched.

The lights are in the forest and they don’t workRadio Łódź, Piotr Krysztofiak

Second question: why doesn’t it work?

After the construction of the signaling devices, the contractor applied for the conditions of connection to the power grid. Then it turned out that connecting the lights, in the middle of the forest, to the electricity is not that easy.

– The distance of the box from the lights is 400 meters in a straight line – says Bogdan Jarota, the starost of Zgierz.

The local government official emphasizes in an interview with Radio Łódź that the contractor is to connect the power supply by November 30 at the latest.

– If the contractor fails to make the connection, we will make a replacement connection for which we will seek reimbursement – says the starost.

He adds that local government officials have recently had problems contacting the contractor of the investment.

The investment was built in a forest

TVN24 Łódź, Radio Łódź

Main photo source: Radio Łódź, Piotr Krysztofiak

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