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Zgorzelec. He drove away in the car he helped start

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He offered his help to the BMW owner in starting the vehicle. He got behind the wheel and when he managed to start the car, he simply drove away. Then he skidded and abandoned the car.

The officer on duty at the Zgorzelec police station received information that a car that had just been stolen was driving on one of the roads towards Zgorzelec.

– According to the report, the owner of a BMW vehicle tried to start his vehicle in one of the parking lots in Lubań County. At that time, a man passed by on his bicycle and offered his help. However, he said, he doesn’t have the strength to push, but he can get behind the wheel. When the car was started, the “helper” sitting behind the wheel drove away. The owner of the BMW and his friends followed him and notified the Zgorzelec police, said the Asp. Aleksandra Pieprzycka from the Lower Silesian police.. – Officers from the criminal department, together with district officers from the Zgorzelec unit, took action to stop the vehicle and the perpetrator of its theft – she adds.

He abandoned the car and fled on foot

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He reached one of the towns in the Pieńsk commune, where he skidded, abandoned the vehicle and fled on foot. The police already knew the description of the perpetrator and, after a thorough check of the area and a short chase, they arrested him.

The “helpful” cyclist turned out to be a 30-year-old resident of the Zgorzelec district, known to the police from previous activities. A breathalyzer and drug test showed that the man was under the influence of alcohol and methamphetamine, and that he did not have a driving license and had drugs in his pocket.

After completing the legal proceedings, the car was released to the owner. The detained man was taken to the Zgorzelec unit and then to the police station in Lubań, where he was charged. The 30-year-old may face up to 5 years in prison.

Main photo source: Lower Silesian police

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