Zielona Góra. Infant with brain injuries. Parents arrested


The police have detained a 35-year-old lawyer and a 37-year-old doctor – parents of a three-month-old boy who “was diagnosed with multiple brain injuries that occurred over a period of at least several weeks”. According to the Zielona Góra prosecutor's office, “the injuries could have occurred from the first days of his life”.

In late June, a three-month-old baby was brought to the hospital in Zielona Góra by his father due to sudden cardiac arrest.

During the CT scan, numerous brain injuries were found. – A doctor from the hospital in Zielona Góra, after conducting a series of tests, reported a suspicion of a crime. In her opinion, the injuries were caused by the actions of third parties – said prosecutor Ewa Antonowicz, spokeswoman for the Zielona Góra District Prosecutor's Office.

Prosecutor's Office: Multiple brain injuries sustained over several weeks

The doctor who reported the suspected crime ruled out cardiac arrest and injuries as resulting from the disease.

– The case is delicate because the child had no visible external injuries to his body – said prosecutor Antonowicz. The boy was taken to a hospital in Poznań, and after being released from the hospital, he returned to his parents.

The prosecutor's office obtained an expert opinion and secured the child's medical records from hospitals in Zielona Góra and Poznań, where the boy was also admitted. – The child had multiple brain injuries that occurred over a period of at least several weeks. The child is three months old, so such injuries could have occurred from the first days of its life – added prosecutor Antonowicz.

The expert opinion obtained by the prosecutor's office indicates shaken baby syndrome. – It is a series of actions of intensive shaking of a child with such force that it causes brain injuries – said prosecutor Antonowicz.

The parents were arrested

The child's parents were arrested on Friday morning. “They are a 37-year-old doctor and a 35-year-old lawyer,” said prosecutor Antonowicz.

By court decision, the three-month-old boy and his 1.5-year-old sister were provided with care. While the parents were detained, the children were taken to a hospital in Zielona Góra by ambulance. “From initial information, we know that the boy is in good condition,” said a spokeswoman for the prosecutor's office. The prosecutor's office ordered additional tests of the boy and his sister.

On Friday, prosecutors conducted proceedings with the parents. – For the sake of the good of the proceedings, we are not revealing any details – said prosecutor Antonowicz.

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