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Zielona Góra, landfill fire. Bojanowski: there are 500 such bombs, one exploded, the rest are ticking

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Landfills, such as those in Zielona Góra, are real ecological bombs. One has just exploded, but there are still 500 of them in Poland – said the reporter of “Fakty” TVN Wojciech Bojanowski, co-author of the report “Red waters”.

On Saturday, a fire broke out at a landfill in Przylepa, part of Zielona Góra. Wojciech Bojanowski, reporter of “Fakty” TVN, head of the TVN24 Special Projects Team, co-author of the report “Wody red” about landfills spoke about the events in Zielona Góra.

“What’s scary to me is that there are carcinogens there, unfortunately most of the landfill sites we visited have carcinogens,” he said.

As he said, “there is such a term as an ecological bomb and sometimes it seems that this term is a bit of an exaggeration.” – But these are real bombs that are ticking. One has just exploded in Zielona Góra. There are at least 500 such bombs all over Poland. This one exploded, 500 bombs in Poland are still ticking, he stressed. Let’s see what the consequences are. Trains stop running, a special military unit is summoned, there is a discussion about the evacuation of residents – noted Bojanowski.

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Zielona Góra, firePAP/Lech Muszyński

Bojanowski: utilizing this place would cost PLN 72 million

He said that while working on the report, together with his team, “for more than two and a half years, he looked at dozens of such landfills throughout Poland.” – We know that the entire Mendeleev table is there. We know that, given that this is a criminal practice, no one controls it. These are all sorts of chemicals that come from all sorts of places, the journalist said.

– No one can even make an inventory of it. We know that in this particular hall in Zielona Góra, according to reports, there were five or six thousand cubic meters of this waste. Let’s take a calculator. It costs PLN 12,000 to dispose of one such tank. Six thousand tanks times 12 thousand gives us PLN 72 million. This is how much it would cost to dispose of this one place – calculated Bojanowski.

Main photo source: TVN24

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