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Zielona Gora, Przylep. Chemical composition fire. Fire department on firefighting action. RCB message

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The landfill fire, which took place in Przylepa in Zielona Góra, is fully under control, it is being extinguished, said the spokesman for the Lubuskie fire brigade, senior captain Arkadiusz Kaniak on Sunday afternoon. The Government Security Center assured in a statement that “there is no threat to the population” and “the services are monitoring the situation”.

On Saturday, a hall fire broke out in the Przylep district in Zielona Górawhere hazardous substances were stored. There were about five thousand cubic meters of material in the hall.

On Sunday afternoon, the spokesman for the Lubuskie fire brigade, senior captain Arkadiusz Kaniak, said that “the fire is fully under control” and that it is extinguished. He said the operation should be over in a few hours. At the time, several dozen fire brigades and about 100 firefighters were working on the site, but these forces are gradually being reduced as needed. Kaniak also said that the smoke is so small that it covers only the place of the fire.

None of the firefighters were injured or worsened, he said. He added that air measurements do not indicate exceeding the standards for the content of harmful substances, and firefighting planes, previously used to extinguish a fire, are no longer used, water is fed from the ground or a lift

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RCB issued a statement

Around 2 p.m. on Sunday, a statement on the fire was issued by the Government Security Center. “Attention! In the town of Przylep, the situation is under control, the fire is extinguished. There is no threat to the population. The services are monitoring the situation,” it was written.

Lubuskie Voivode Władysław Dajczak also reported that the fire was under control.

Moscow: there is no threat to the health and life of residents

Previously also the Minister of Climate and Environment Anna Moscow She assured that “there is no threat to the health and life of residents today.” – But it’s all thanks to the State Fire Service, Volunteer Fire Brigades, the great involvement of the police, the Environmental Protection Inspection, rescuers and all services that are always on site, ready and take adequate action – she said. She also called for “responsible communication” and relying on reliable sources. – The next stage, after the end of all rescue operations, the entire extinguishing operation, will be to take action and analyzes on the condition of the environment, damage proceedings, identifying damage to the environment, but also establishing a group on removing possible effects – announced the minister.

Moscow: for today there is no threat to the health and life of residentsTVN24

Fighting the fire at night

On Sunday morning, the Provincial Commander of the SFS in Lubuskie, Brigadier Patryk Maruszak, described that “intensive firefighting activities lasted all night”. – Measurements were carried out all the time by four chemical groups from the State Fire Service, one military chemical group. Both at the site of the fire and in the city, no results were alarming. There is no threat at the moment, he said at the time.

Lubuski Provincial Commander of the State Fire Service: We have two hundred firefighters on site.  After seven o'clock the situation was brought under control

Lubuski Provincial Commander of the State Fire Service: We have two hundred firefighters on site. After seven o’clock the situation was brought under controlTVN24

Smoke from the fire of the hall in Zielona Góra Przylep, where dangerous substances were stored, visible from the center of Zielona GóraPAP/Lech Muszyński

Fire in a chemical warehouse in Przylep "under control, but cannot be said to be mastered".  TVN24 reporter's report

Chemical warehouse fire in Przylepie “under control, but not under control”. TVN24 reporter’s reportTVN24

Minister of Climate: None of the water intakes is polluted

Minister Anna Moscow, staying on the spot, reported at night that “none of the water intakes is polluted.” “To date, air quality measurements do not indicate exceedances,” she wrote on social media. She added that no one was injured.

Governor: In case of any bad reading, we are ready to evacuate

On Saturday evening, the governor of Dajczak handed over the results of the tests from the State Fire Service and the Provincial Inspectorate for Environmental Protection. “The results are still favorable and do not threaten the health and life of the residents. Smoke cloud research is carried out continuously,” he wrote on Twitter.

“In case of any bad reading we are ready to evacuate residents from threatened areas“- he added. “We have secured coaches and places for potentially evacuated people,” Dajczak assured at the time.

Earlier, before 7 p.m., the mayor of Zielona Góra announced the decision to start the evacuation of residents. “Urgent order of the Provincial Crisis Staff. We are starting the evacuation of residents from the village of Przylep” – he wrote on social media.

The president of MZK in Zielona Góra, Robert Karwacki, in an interview with TVN24, said that if necessary, buses are provided to evacuate residents. He informed that three points of evacuation of residents have been designated.

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Lubuski Provincial Commander of the SFS, nadbryg. Patrick MaruszakPAP/Lech Muszyński

Premiere Saturday night Mateusz Morawiecki informed that in connection with the landfill fire, he held urgent meetings with the Deputy Prime Minister Jarosław KaczyńskiMinister Zbigniew Hoffmann supervising RCB, as well as with the management MIA, MKiS and the Lubuskie Voivode. He added that the crisis staff convened by the voivode is in charge of the activities on the spot.

Błaszczak: soldiers from the Central Center for Contamination Analysis directed to the fire

“Soldiers from the Central Center for Contamination Analysis will be sent to the place of the fire in the hall with chemical waste in Zielona Góra. Military firefighters are also working on the spot,” the head of the Ministry of National Defense wrote on Twitter on Saturday. About 100 soldiers of the Territorial Defense Forces were also involved in removing the effects of the fire, the minister added.

Main photo source: TVN24

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