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Zielona Góra, Przylep, landfill fire. They transported 66 tons of hazardous waste. “Transport continues”

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“So far, we have transported 66 tons of dangerous waste from the place of the fire in the village of Przylep” – said the mayor of Zielona Góra, Janusz Kubicki, on Saturday and added that “this transport continues”.

A fire in the hall in Przylepa, where dangerous substances were stored, broke out last Saturday. In the evening of the next day, it was reported that the firefighting operations had ended. A total of 376 firefighters, 107 vehicles and two aircraft participated in the entire operation at the fire site.

On Saturday – exactly one week after the fire broke out – the president of Zielona Góra, Janusz Kubicki, announced on social media that “so far we have removed 66 tons of dangerous waste from the place of fire in the village of Przylep”. He added that “this transport continues.”

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“The progress of work on the site is discussed on an ongoing basis. Work on Gęśnik is also underway. Firefighters from OSP Zawada are currently replacing the pins” – the president noted in the entry.

Janusz Kubicki, mayor of Zielona GóraFacebook

The investigation continues

On Tuesday, the spokeswoman for the District Prosecutor’s Office in Zielona Góra, Ewa Antonowicz, announced during a conference that the District Prosecutor’s Office in Zielona Góra had initiated an investigation into the fire in the hall in Przylepa.

The proceedings were initiated in connection with a fire and an explosion of flammable substances by causing a threat to the health and life of people and property of great value. It is punishable by up to eight years in prison.

Fire at the landfill in PrzylepaPAP/Lech Muszynski

On Tuesday, inspectors of the Provincial Inspectorate for Environmental Protection in Zielona Góra confirmed the ingress of extinguishing waters into the small Gęśnik river. It is not a tributary of the Oder, but its water flows through the Łącza and Zimny ​​Potok to the second largest Polish river.

The tests confirmed: the waters of the Gęśnik River polluted by firefighting waters

On Friday, the Zielona Góra VIEP published a document with the results of water tests from Gęśnik. “The waters of the river collected at the height of Zielona Góra – Przylep confirm their contamination by extinguishing waters” – we read in the information posted on social media.

As calculated, the studies showed high concentrations of heavy metals, such as mercury, copper, nickel, zinc, cadmium, lead; aromatic hydrocarbons and petroleum hydrocarbons.

In the sample taken in Czerwieńsk, further down the river, “exceedances were found for heavy metals – lead, copper, nickel, cadmium – with the measured values ​​of cadmium being more than one hundred times lower than in the sample taken at the height of Przylepu”.

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The Link River without pollution

The waters of the Łącza River near the village of Płoty were also examined. The tests did not confirm their contamination with extinguishing waters.

The research carried out by VIOŚ shows that sanitary and communal wastewater has not been contaminated either.

Main photo source: PAP/Lech Muszynski

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