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Złotoryja. Mr. Staszek was homeless, he lived in the street. After 30 years, he flew to Sweden and met his mother

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Mr. Stanisław spent his childhood in Sweden. After coming to Poland, he developed alcoholism and ended up on the street. For years he wandered in cellars and attics. Until fate smiled at him. His family helped him remotely, and on the spot a policeman from Złotoryja (Lower Silesia), thanks to whom the man went to rehab, got vaccinated and flew to Scandinavia to see his mother after 30 years.

A few weeks ago, the police officer on duty in Złotoryja was contacted by a woman who, on behalf of an 86-year-old resident of Sweden, asked for help in finding her son. She provided some key pieces of information to help find the man.

Young Staszek spent his childhood in Sweden. Later he came to Poland and stayed there. Stanisław’s life was not all roses. A man addicted to alcohol, with no job or livelihood, ended up in the street. He spent the night wherever he could – in cellars, cells, sometimes on the stairs. And if there was nowhere to hide, also on the local market.

Stanisław’s mother, who lived on the other side of the Baltic Sea, wanted her son to come back to her and spend the rest of her life with her.


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COVID-19 vaccination and rehab

– The case was dealt with by Sergeant Major Maciej Biernat. During his daily service, he checked abandoned buildings, premises, attics, basements and other places where a man could be. In an interview with the residents, it turned out that Mr. Staszek was in one of the basements in the city center. He went to him, gave him good news and informed him that he wanted to help him – informs Dominika Kwakszys, spokeswoman for the police from Złotoryja.

The man was – according to the police – clearly embarrassed by the proposal, but finally stated that he wanted to change his life and return home. His family helped him remotely. The district’s Biernat showed good will.

District Biernat and Mr. StaszekPolice in Złotoryja

– Thanks to his efforts, Mr. Staszek was vaccinated against COVID-19 and ended up in a two-week drug addiction treatment program. An officer helped him buy plane tickets to Sweden. Just before departure, when Mr. Staszek left the hospital and he had nowhere to go, the policeman invited him to his home and gave him clean clothes. After a joint dinner with the officer’s family, they went to the Wrocław airport in his private car – reports Kwakszys.

Meeting after years

An airport employee assisted the man with the check-in, security control, until he took a seat on the plane. His family was waiting for him there. After 30 years of separation, the son was finally able to hug his 86-year-old mother and start a new phase in life.

Soon after, the policemen from Złotoryja received a photo of Mr. Stanisław with his mother and thanks from the woman who contacted the 86-year-old woman.

“Mr. Maciej Biernat cannot be overestimated” – emphasized the woman.

After 30 years of separation, Mr. Stanisław met his motherPolice in Złotoryja

Main photo source: Police in Złotoryja

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