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Zlotoryja. They lost their mother on the road and needed urgent help in the middle of the night

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A deer died after a collision with a passenger car. It turned out that she had two kids. They were not hurt, but they needed urgent, professional help in the middle of the night.

This incident took place in the Złotoryja district. – The deer ran onto the road straight into the path of an oncoming car. Unfortunately, she did not survive the collision with the car. However, it turned out that she left two little kids in the world who needed immediate help. The police took care of the little ones and then tried to find a center where the animals would receive specialized help – says the police officer in a statement. Przemysław Ratajczyk from the Lower Silesian police.

It was not an easy task because the incident occurred late at night. After many attempts, the police found care for the little ones, who were taken to a wild animal rehabilitation center. They will stay there until they can be released back into the wild.

The kids are already provided with professional helpZłotoryja police

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Remember that a wild animal, even an injured one, may turn out to be dangerous, so before you decide to help it yourself, call the emergency number 112 and ask the appropriate services to take action.

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The police appeal to drivers to be particularly careful when driving in the evening and at dawn near forests, meadows or farmlands where wild animals may appear. When you see the A-18b road sign “beware of wild animals”, it is worth taking your foot off the gas pedal and keeping an eye on the roadside while driving. A driver driving at excessive speed may not have enough time to safely brake and avoid an animal that suddenly appears on the road.

“Beware of wild animals” sign

“If we see an animal crossing the road, we should be vigilant and slow down. Roe deer, deer and wild boars live in herds and another individual may follow a single animal. When, unfortunately, a collision occurs, we must first secure the scene of the incident by displaying a warning triangle. Then you should call for help and ask the police to notify the forest services to help the injured animal or remove it from the road. We should not leave an injured or dead animal on the road. It may pose a threat to other road users – remind the police

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Wild animals on the road17/11 | Nearly 200 accidents were caused by the appearance of wild animals on the road. This is according to the statistics of the Police Headquarters for 2017. 10 people died and 229 were injured. We advise you what to do if you encounter a wild animal on the road. Material from the “Raport” program on TVN Turbo.TVN Turbo

Main photo source: Złotoryja police

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