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Żoliborz. The dispute over the Powder Magazine continues. Protest in front of the office and appeal to councillors. “Retreat from this position”

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In front of the office of the Żoliborz district, residents who do not agree with the decisions regarding the Powder House gathered. They want the premises to be run by a former tenant, Marianna Zjawińska. Her contract ended in early 2022, but it was announced in March 2023 that she could return. This did not happen because the councilors did not agree with the decision. The district takes care of the facility.

On Wednesday, the residents decided to gather at the office of the Żoliborz district, during the session of the District Council. They protest against the actions of the town hall and do not agree with the decisions that have been made regarding the historic premises.

– There are about 30 people. They are residents of Żoliborz and the park areas. They have banners with the inscription “We want the return of the Żoliborz Powder Tower”. There are also larger banners and deckchairs from the powder magazine. Participants are standing and talking – reported Tomasz Zieliński, tvnwarszawa.pl reporter, who was in front of the district office. As he added a moment later, the protesters entered the session of the Żoliborz District Council with banners.

The former tenant was to return to the premises

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Marianna Zjawińska ran a club-café in a historic building, which was liked by the residents. In January 2022, her contract ended, and another company won the new competition. However, the competition procedure, as well as the winning offer, raised serious doubts, it was supposed to be about distortions in the references. In December last year, the contract with the company was terminated, citing the lack of implementation of the events presented in the offer and the reconstruction of the water and sewage system without the consent of officials as the reason.

At the beginning of March, the mayor of Warsaw, Rafał Trzaskowski, decided to The Property Management took over the care of the property from the Green Management. At the end of April, it was announced that the town hall came to an agreement with Marianna Zjawińska. An agreement was prepared according to which the Prochownia was to be leased to the former tenant for three years in a non-tender procedure. It was planned to reopen the premises in the summer season.

Councilors disagreed with the decision

The situation changed completely on July 4. Then the capital city hall announced that it was withdrawing from the existing arrangements and the lease agreement with Marianna Zjawińska would not be. As stated at the time, the reason was the speech of city and district councilors.

As the town hall explained, the application to entrust the entire Żeromski park to the Żoliborz district was included in the position adopted on May 17, 2023 by the district council.

Already on May 25, the Council of Warsaw almost unanimously adopted a position on this matter and supported the position of the councilors from Żoliborz.

– We managed to communicate with the creator of this place, we also talked with the residents, we were one step away from signing the lease agreement. It turned out, however, that not everyone wants the return of the “old” Powder Magazine. Mayor Rafał Trzaskowski had a different opinion from the district council and city councillors. Such a firm and unambiguous position of the councilors, however, blocks the possibility of implementing the scenario adopted at his request – explained then the vice-president of Warsaw, Tomasz Bratek.

The property went to the district

The district takes care of the facility, as well as the entire park. The building is to be used by the Żoliborz Cultural Centre. Just like the second, twin powder magazine. However, the director of the Żoliborz Community Center did not want to take over the buildings. She was only interested in the lawn.

– The management of the Żoliborz Cultural Center has never submitted a request, initiative or willingness to develop both buildings of the powder magazine located in the Żeromski Park – informed us Iwona Mirosław-Dolecka, director of ŻDK. – On May 10, I submitted an application to the mayor of the district asking “to allow the Żoliborz Community Center to carry out statutory activities aimed at residents of the Żoliborz District in the green areas adjacent to the Sokolnicki Fort” – she explained.

“I put my whole heart into building and running the Żoliborz Powder Magazine”

– I am humanly sorry, because I put my whole heart into building and running Powder Magazine Żoliborz and I feel cheated. The case of the Powder House is an example of empty promises made by the town hall – Zjawińska commented on the decision of the officials.

Some residents disagreed with the decision. The former tenant on social media received words of support. There was also a petition addressed to councillors.

“The position adopted by you, resulting in the transfer of the management of the buildings of the North and South Powder Mills in the S. Żeromski Park from the Property Management to the Żoliborz District – which blocked the ready-to-sign lease agreement for the Powder Magazine in Żoliborz, and thus the return of this iconic place to the map of Żoliborz – is not in accordance with our will. Withdraw from this position!” – the signatories appeal.

Main photo source: Tomasz Zieliński/tvnwarszawa.pl

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