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Zory. A police chase through the city streets. There are 21 Syrian citizens in the bus

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Police officers from Żory (Silesian Voivodeship) together with officers of the Border Guard led a pursuit through the streets of the city for a delivery car whose driver did not stop for inspection. After ramming the gate of the allotment gardens, the driver tried to escape on foot. In the abandoned vehicle, there were 21 Syrian citizens who entered Poland illegally.

The incident took place on July 6 in the evening in Żory. Police officers on Pszczyńska Street wanted to stop a delivery van for inspection. His driver did not stop and ran away.

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Police chase through the streets of Żory

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– The driver, escaping through the streets of the city, broke a number of traffic rules. He overtook the lines of cars, drove the wrong way around roundabouts, and ran a red light at the intersection of Pszczyńska and Katowicka Streets. In the area of ​​Dworcowa Street, the driver turned off the lighting in the vehicle and ended his escape a moment later, ramming the entrance gate to the allotment gardens. The driver abandoned the vehicle, hoping to avoid punishment. However, this did not happen, because he was detained by border guards – Żory policemen wrote in a message.

A chase through the streets of Żory. 21 Syrian citizens in the carPolice in Żory

21 Syrian citizens in a van

It turned out that 21 Syrians who had illegally entered Poland were being transported in the van. Coming through Hungary and Slovakia, these people wanted to get to German. Uniforms called an ambulance team to the place, which provided the necessary help to the foreigners. Border Patrol officers will now deal with the case.

Police chase bus carrying 21 Syrian citizensPolice in Żory

For illegally crossing the border of the Republic of Poland, the penalty is up to 3 years in prison, and for organizing other people to cross the border of the Republic of Poland against the provisions of the law – up to 8 years in prison.

Main photo source: Police in Żory

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