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Zukowo. Polregio trains were running towards each other, the traffic dispatcher intervened. 150 meters to the collision

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Two Polregio passenger trains ran on each other on one track. A dangerous situation occurred on Thursday near the Żukowo Wschodnie station. – One of the train drivers started to leave the station despite the “stop” signal given on the semaphore – says Karol Jakubowski from the press office of PKP PLK. The train stopped only when the hand traffic controller ordered it to stop immediately.

The incident happened around 11:45. The Polregio train at the Żukowo Wschodnie station, which was traveling on the Kartuzy – Gdańsk – Wrzeszcz route, suddenly left the platform, although it was forbidden to do so by the signal on the semaphore.

– At that time, another train of the same carrier was coming from the opposite direction – Karol Jakubowski from PKP PLK.

150 meters

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Jakubowski adds that the traffic controller gave both trains a “stop” signal. The train driver, who unexpectedly left the station, received an order from the duty officer he was passing.

– The traffic dispatcher handed him the “stop” signal. The gesture consists in making a circle in the air. This is an unambiguous signal to the train drivers that the train should be stopped immediately.

Eventually, the trains stopped – as the spokesman says – a distance of 150 meters from each other.

Why was one of the train drivers driving despite the signals displayed on the semaphore prohibiting him from doing so? This is to be clarified by the State Commission for the Investigation of Railway Accidents.

We have not been able to contact representatives of the carrier whose trains were involved in the incident.

Walk along the tracks

Recordings appeared in the local media, showing passengers of both trains who, after stopping the trains, were walking along the tracks. According to the reports provided by the participants of the incident, the turnout, which was set for the train from the opposite direction, was damaged during the incident.

Traffic at the scene of the incident was restored around 3 p.m.

The incident took place near the Żukowo Wschód station.

Main photo source: Google Street View

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