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Żuromin. “He was in a hurry to help his father-in-law in the harvest”, he has very serious problems

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A fine of PLN 2.6 thousand, 43 penalty points, loss of driving license and a trial in court – these were the consequences for the driver who was in a hurry to see his father-in-law for the harvest. So much so that he was driving too fast and without lights, and he was talking on the phone. He was breathalysed, he was drunk.

According to the spokesman for the Żurominska Asp. Tomasz Łopiński, on Thursday police officers in Siemiątkowo on ul. Parkowa noticed an Audi driving at excessive speed without the lights on.

– In addition, the driver of the car, instead of focusing on driving, was absorbed in talking on the phone. The speed measurement showed 114 kilometers per hour, which is 64 more than the regulations allow in the built-up area, the spokesman said.

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“To the father-in-law for the harvest”

A 27-year-old resident of the Żuromin district tried to explain to the police that he was in a hurry because he was going to help his father-in-law with the harvest. During the inspection, it was also revealed that the man was intoxicated. He had 0.8 per mille of alcohol in his system. The 27-year-old will appear in court.

The police arrested the man’s driving license. For other offences: speeding, talking on the phone while driving and driving without lights on, the man was fined 2.6 thousand zlotys. zloty. He also received 43 penalty points.

Allowed per mille13.01. | Impunity and social consent to drunk driving make drunk drivers the bane of Polish roads, although – surprisingly – we have the most stringent standards in Europe. In Poland, the person who drives with more than 0.2 per mille in exhaled air is considered drunk. In the United States and most European countries, the legal limits are much higher, up to and including 0.8 per mille. Why such a difference? Does the Polish body react to alcohol differently than the French, Italian or British? The reportage “Black and White” will explain why a Pole cannot drive while drinking.tvn24

Main photo source: Lublin police

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