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Żuromin. He was riding a bicycle drunk. He got a ticket and showed up at the police station for more

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Police officers from Żuromin (Masovian Voivodeship) saw a man riding a bicycle in a zigzag direction. The 37-year-old had three per mille of alcohol and was taken home. That same night – still drunk – he returned to the police station, showed an offensive gesture and damaged the sign. He will answer for this in court.

On the night of December 7, riot police patrolling the streets of Żuromin noticed a cyclist zigzagging. They decided to stop the cyclist for inspection.

– The sobriety test showed that the man had almost 3 per mille of alcohol in his body. Guided by the good and, above all, concern for the life and health of the 37-year-old, due to the low temperature that night, the officers decided to take the man home. There he was handed over to his parents – said Tomasz Łopiński from the District Police Headquarters in Żuromin in a statement.

He showed an offensive gesture and damaged the sign

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The next day it turned out that the road sign placed in front of the entrance gate to the police area was damaged. Video camera recordings allowed us to locate the perpetrator. It turned out that he came on a bicycle. The officers connected the dots. They determined that the recording was the same man whom they had taken home the day before.

– The camera recordings showed that the 37-year-old man decided to return to Żuromin on his bicycle, although he was still under the influence of alcohol. The man, passing by the police station building, showed his dissatisfaction by showing an offensive gesture. Then he destroyed a road sign standing at the entrance gate to the police station, and then he rode away from the scene on a bicycle, added Łopiński.

“He was hiding memory problems”

The 37-year-old reported to the Żuromin police station the next day to explain the situation of driving a bicycle under the influence of alcohol. He was also asked about what he did next. – The man claimed to have memory problems due to drinking alcohol. When the cyclist was shown the recording, he seemed very surprised. Suddenly the memory came back and she admitted to her behavior, said midshipman Tomasz Łopiński. It turned out that this was not the 37-year-old’s first conflict with the law. Recently, he has been convicted twice for riding a bicycle under the influence. Previous inspections resulted in a fine of PLN 2,500. This time, the end of the men’s behavior will take place in court.

Main photo source: KPP Żuromin

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