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Żuromin. The wallet with the content is waiting for the owner

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She found a wallet on the sidewalk and handed it over to the police. She didn’t even check what was in it. The wallet is now waiting for the owner at the police station. The police remind you what to do if you find money or documents.

– A young girl came to the police headquarters and reported that she had found a wallet on the pavement at Targowa Street in Żuromin. She didn’t check what was inside, she just gave it back right away. It turned out that there was a certain amount of money in the wallet. Tomasz Łopiński from the Żuromin police. – The owner of the loss is asked to report to the Poviat Police Headquarters in Żuromin at 8 Warszawska Street. We encourage you to precede your visit to the police unit by phone at 506 904 834 – he adds.

The police do not inform what amount was in the wallet and what it looks like. Answers, among others The owner should know these questions.

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What to do when we find something?

Appropriation of a found thing or money is a crime punishable by up to three years in prison.

article 284 § 1. Who appropriates someone else’s movable or property right, shall be punishable by imprisonment of up to 3 years.

= The Act of February 20, 2015 on found items imposes rights and obligations on both the finder and the competent authority. Pursuant to the regulations, the finder of an item belonging to a known person should immediately notify that person of this fact and call for its collection. If we do not know who the owner of the thing is or if we do not know the whereabouts of that person, the staroste should be notified as soon as possible. Agnieszka Wójcik from the Grójec police. – If you find an item in a public place, e.g. in a shopping mall, at the train station, on a bus or train, you should go to the facility manager. He is obliged to keep it for three days and then hand it over to the staroste.

It is the responsibility of the County Office to store found items and search for the owner. Receipt of the notification of finding things and the acceptance of things by the staroste shall be stated in the protocol drawn up by him. However, if the item is worth less than PLN 100, the staroste (lost and found office) will be able to refuse to accept it for safekeeping.

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If the value of the item exceeds PLN 100, and it is not possible to deliver the request for collection to the authorized person or the person is unknown, the starost will post an appropriate request on the information board in his seat, and will also place an announcement in the Public Information Bulletin. If the estimated value of the found item exceeds PLN 5,000, the staroste will also place an advertisement in the local or national press.

When must found items be returned to the police?

– The only documents found that we should necessarily bring to the nearest police unit, in accordance with the regulations in force since yesterday, are: ID card and passport. In addition, we immediately return found items to the police, the possession of which requires a permit, in particular: weapons, ammunition or explosives. Let us remember that in a situation where handing over these items would pose a threat to our life or health, it is enough to notify us of the place where these items are located. The above rules also apply to managers of facilities to whom such items have been handed over or they have been informed about the place of their finding. Agnieszka Wojcik.

SEE: A woman collected scattered banknotes from the lawn. Nearby, at the intersection, a group of people were doing the same thing.

Good to know

If we have realized that we have lost something and suspect that it may have happened in the subway, you can easily check it.

Information about what has been found can be obtained by calling the number (22) 655-42-42 or by sending an e-mail to the address info@metro.waw.pl. Metro employees will check whether the item has been found and explain what to do to collect it.

Lost and Found Office ul. Dzielna 15 01-029 Warsaw phone: +48 22 443 29 61, 22 443 29 62, 22 443 29 68 fax: 22 443 29 64 e-mail: Rzeczznalezione@um.warszawa.pl

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