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ZUS will be able to collect pensions. New recipes

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The recently introduced regulations give the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) the right to demand the return of all pensions paid in the last five years, informs Gazeta Wyborcza. The plant will be able to take advantage of these rights also in a situation where the retiree made no mistake and correctly completed all the applications.

– This provision is a curiosity – Przemysław Hinc, tax advisor from PJH Doradztwo Gospodarcze, says in an interview with “GW”.

ZUS will be able to take the pension

– I understand that ZUS may prosecute someone who cheated him and, for example, provided false data in the application. But the new law applies to everyone, including those who provided all true data, applied for a benefit, ZUS awarded them a pension, but after a few years some official decided that they should not grant a pension or that the benefit should be lower. So there is no fault of Kowalski here, only the fault of ZUS. And for this ZUS mistake now retirees are to bear the consequences. It is unbelievable – he estimates.

The newspaper reminds that “the new regulations are related to the amendment to the act on the social insurance system and have been in force since September 18”. “Thousands of retirees do not realize it, because the government does not boast about the new law. It is not mentioned in government communications or at Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki’s conferences. social policy Marlena Maląg “- stated.

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“And the new act gives ZUS a powerful tool. The plant may at any time apply for the return of undue benefits. It is enough for officials to conclude that the pension should never be granted or that the benefit is too high. And it does not matter. that it was the officials themselves who made a mistake when calculating the pension or deciding to grant it “- informs” GW “

“What about ZUS? Paweł Żebrowski, spokesman of this office, assures that each case is examined individually, and mistakes of officials that may result in the return of paid benefits occur very rarely” – writes the newspaper.

– The amendment to the act is intended, inter alia, it is better to protect the Social Insurance Fund against attempts to extort benefits. Moreover, if a person returns unduly collected benefits within the prescribed period, they will not have to pay interest, explains Żebrowski.

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