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Zvolen. She believed in internet love, transferred money to a “German doctor”. She lost 100,000 zlotys

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For half a year, she corresponded with a man claiming to be “a German doctor under contract with the UN”. Assured of the sincerity of her feelings, she transferred money to his account several times. In the end, however, the man turned out to be a fraud. The injured woman lost over PLN 100,000, the police in Zwoleń reported.

As the press officer of the police in Zwoleń, Katarzyna Słyk, a junior aspirant, reported to the police officers a resident of the district who fell victim to “internet love”. – The woman said that in 2022 she met a man on one of the social networks, who claimed to be a German orthopedic doctor who is on a contract with the UN on one of the Pacific islands – the policewoman described. She added that the new acquaintance “very quickly began to assure the woman of his feelings and announced that he wanted to meet.” – The only possibility of meeting is a holiday, for which, unfortunately, you have to pay. He himself could not pay for the leave, because the person closest to him must apply for leave – the policewoman further described.

She took a bank loan and borrowed money from friends

The woman admitted that she had no money for it. – A new acquaintance, wanting to confirm his sincere intentions towards the woman, gave her details to his account so that she could use his money. In this way, he won her trust and confirmed that his intentions were sincere. Unfortunately, the account was fake and the victim never received the money, and herself, caught in a web of lies, transferred money to his account several times, even took a bank loan and borrowed money from her friends. After about half a year, she realized that she was dealing with a scammer and decided to report it to the police, Słyk pointed out. She noted that as a result of the fraud, a resident of the Zwoleń district lost over PLN 100,000. The policewoman appealed that it is worth remembering that scammers are constantly modifying their way of operating and therefore “any time someone tries to get money from us, you have to be very careful”. – It’s best not to succumb to momentary infatuation, pressure of time and not to transfer money to unknown people. All attempts to extort money should be reported to the police. Let us remember that only our caution, vigilance and distance to the information provided will prevent us from becoming another victim of fraud – she concluded.

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