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Zychlin. Apiary. People wanted a sidewalk. The commune built a hard shoulder

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The village head asked about its construction. Everyone was for. Now that it’s done, I don’t really like it anymore. It is about the sidewalk in Pasieka near Żychlin (Łódź Province). Residents say it is too narrow and does not fulfill its functions. The mayor explains that the investment meets the requirements, and another commune would not be able to afford it. In turn, the starost of Kutno emphasizes that it is not a pavement, but a “paved roadside”.

The sidewalk – as the inhabitants say about it – is being built in the village of Pasieka near Żychlin in the Kutno district. It is about 600 meters long and one and a half meters wide, with posts every seven meters. Everything is to cost PLN 338,000. The village head asked the residents about its construction. Everyone saw the sense of the investment, because as they emphasized – so far they had to walk to the store or to the playground along the side of the road. Now that the investment is nearing completion, they have many reservations about it.

“Chodnik” is being built in the village of Pasieka near ŻychlinTVN24

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“Someone must have made a mistake here

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– It’s hard to call it a walkway. Anyway, a bit further on we have a pavement structure without any cones or frills and it fulfills its role – it is wide, thanks to which a mother with a child, or possibly two people can move freely on it – says one of the residents of Pasieka. – This creation does not function as a pavement, unless someone made a mistake here, it was not supposed to be like this – adds another. – I witnessed you returning with your purchases and lifting a plastic bag over each of these posts – under God I’m telling you, it’s asking you to put up railings instead of these posts – emphasizes another resident of the Pasieka.

“Chodnik” is being built in the village of Pasieka near ŻychlinTVN24

Mayor: the investment complies with the regulations, we would not be able to afford another

– The situation is that in the right-of-way where we could carry out this type of investment, it was made in accordance with the regulations – claims the mayor of Żychlin, Grzegorz Ambroziak. He adds that the designer had to designate posts for drivers who are thus informed that there is such a lane. – A similar situation occurs on the provincial road 702, between Zgierz and Piątek. We put these posts about seven meters apart, and I assure you that it is possible to pass them with a wheelchair, because we checked it. It is also possible to pass two pedestrians there – adds the mayor. Ambroziak says that the traffic on the road is light and there was no need to build a larger pavement there. He also emphasizes that everything was consulted with the residents with whom the mayor spoke. When asked about the installation of barriers there, instead of posts, he answers that the commune would not be able to afford the investment. – For such small communes as ours, every zloty counts and if barriers were to be erected there, we would not be able to implement it – emphasized Ambroziak.

“Chodnik” is being built in the village of Pasieka near ŻychlinTVN24

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Kutno starost: it’s not a pavement, it’s a hardened roadside

– The investment, which is being built on the poviat road, managed by the commune, is not a pavement, but a paved roadside – tells us the starost of Kutno, Daniel Kowalik. – Normally, the pavement is two meters long, but here the paved shoulder is one and a half meters long and the commune got permission from us. Everything is done in accordance with the law there – adds Kowalik. The starost also emphasizes that the commune did not ask the poviat for possible participation in the investment costs. – I think this investment is a better solution than wading in the mud. It is always of a higher standard than the roadside from the ground. Of course, a full-size pavement would certainly be more comfortable for residents – concluded Daniel Kowalik.

They wanted a pavement, a paved shoulder was created

Main photo source: TVN24

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