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Frykowska reevaluated her life after the scandal in “Big Brother”. She rarely talks about her daughter. She made an exception

Maja Frykowska In 2002, she was one of the participants in the "Big Brother" program. It was then that she caused a...

Paulina Tworzyańska was one of the biggest child stars in Poland. She doesn't do that today

Paulina Tworzyańska started her career at the age of just 13, when she won a casting for movie "The Lady with a...

Grzegorz Turnau is in mourning. Someone close to him has died

Gregory Turnau is one of the musicians who avoid publicity when it comes to their private lives. The artist maintains accounts on...

Joanna Opozda speaks out about alimony debtors. She says what tricks they use

Joanna Opozda has spoken out on the subject of single motherhood more than once. The actress is raising her son single-handedly, whose...

She was named Miss Sejm, appeared in “TzG” and sunbathed topless with a party colleague. What happened to Sandra Lewandowska?

Sandra Lewandowska she gained recognition when she joined Samoobrona and appeared on its list of candidates for the Sejm. This situation took...

18th anniversary of Ewa Sa³acka's death. Daughter reveals the inside story of the tragedy

July 23, 2024 marks 18 years since the tragic death Ewa Sałacka. On this day, the actress known for, among others, series...
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