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Ukraine and the USA. Key security agreement signed

"The parties acknowledge that this agreement exists a supporting bridge to Ukraine's future membership in NATO"- says the document. As Reuters adds, the...

War in Ukraine. Energy crisis. Surviving the winter depends on the supply of weapons

- We have five months until winter. If we don't defend ourselves now, then we will not be able to carry out...

Ukraine has published a video of the interrogation of Russians. They talked about the situation in the army

The Ukrainian 3rd Assault Brigade published a video from interrogations captured by the unit on various sections of the front Russian soldiers.Ukraine released...

Denmark has withdrawn spicy pasta from sale. The first such case

Denmark has withdrawn from sale spicy noodle dishes imported from South Korea. The decision covered three specific types of instant noodles firmy...

War in Ukraine. Budanov announces victory at sea. “Many surprises”

When Russia launched its invasion in February 2022, Kyiv had almost no navy. The only frigate - "Hetman Sahajdaczny" - was sunk...

France. Marion Marechal, Marine Le Pen's niece, excluded from the party

Chief of the Reconquista Eric Zemmour accused Marion Marechalwhich opened the list of formations in the elections to European Parliament o "betrayal" and...
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