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Abortion decriminalization bill to be submitted once again. Left wing threatens coalition collapse

There was a spectacular defeat of the Coalition on October 15 in the Sejm, there were personal consequences, but this is not the...

Warsaw. A man drowned in the Żabie lake in Zbytki

Tragedy on Lake Żabi in Wawer. Emergency services pulled a man out of the water. Resuscitation was unsuccessful.The services are working at Lake...

The richest people in the world (Jeff Bezos, Bernard Arnault, Bill Gates) sailed to Sardinia on superyachts

Jeff Bezos, Bernard Arnault and Bill Gates - billionaires at the top of the world's richest ranking - sailed on superyachts for a...

The surprising vice presidential candidate who once called Trump the “American Hitler”

"After much consideration and thought, and taking into account the great talents of many others, I have decided that the person best...

Warsaw. Nigerian citizen suspected of fraud and money laundering. Indictment filed

The prosecutor's office suspects Victor A. of fraud and money laundering. As investigators have determined, the man, along with other people living in...

JD Vance – who is the candidate for US vice president alongside Donald Trump

Once a staunch critic of Trump, he called him a “cultural heroine” and even “American Hitler.” But now 39-year-old JD Vance, an opponent...
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