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US Elections. Donald Trump is the Republican candidate

This information is not a surprise, that's why everyone was waiting for the name of the one whose former president appointed him as...

War in Ukraine. This is how Kharkiv lives. Next to the front, and Tetiana plants flowers

When I get to the town of Sarny in the west Ukrainein the distance you can see the powerful installations of the Rivne...

The heat is not letting up in Europe. African heat in the south

Popular with tourists - also from Polish - Southern European countries are currently experiencing extreme heat. In many places the temperature exceeds 40...

Germany: Return of permanent border controls? This is what some politicians want

Border controls with Poland were introduced last yearwhen it turned out that the route of illegal transfer of immigrants and refugees runs through...

The weather is not kind to Italians. Seniors have suffered

Sunday at the beach in Taranto An 82-year-old man died. This was another victim of the extreme heatwave in Italy. Earlier, on another...

Donald Trump Assassination Attempt: Joe Biden Addresses Americans in Address

"The political rhetoric in this country has become very heated. It is time to cool it down. We all have a responsibility to...
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