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They tested the water after a gigantic supermarket fire. "Worsened"

After the fire extinguishing operation at the DIY store in Krosno, the quality of water...

He hit a man on a bench. Police are investigating where the 15-year-old got the car

He drove onto the property, damaged a fence and two cars. He also hit a man sitting on a bench by the house....

“This is definitely not what the Democratic Party wants”

Such individual voices that occasionally emerge from the ranks of the Democratic Party, in total there are probably about 30 politicians, are certainly...

It's been 55 years since the first human landing on the moon

July 20, 2024, marks the 55th anniversary of the historic Apollo 11 mission, the first human landing on the Moon. The last surviving...

The diver did not emerge from the deepest lake in Poland.

A 30-year-old diver drowned in Lake HaƄcza (Podlaskie). The police are investigating the causes of his death. This year, it is the first...

Fires in Europe, Summer 2024. Even the optimistic scenarios are terrifying. See data from just eight days

Fires are spreading at an alarming rate across Europe. According to the European Forest Fire Information System, by mid-July more than three times...
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