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7 Best Discovery plus Documentaries you Need to Watch Right Now

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Discovery Plus is a platform for streaming a wide range of content. Live TV and previously recorded shows are also available to watch for subscribers. The streaming platform also has a huge selection of documentaries about history, science, nature, and even the supernatural. So feel at peace! We’ve produced a list of the top 7 documentaries available on Discovery Plus in 2022, one of the best streaming services, to help you make your choice.

Whether you’re looking for a heartfelt drama or exciting suspense to watch with your family, our classic and modern top picks have something for everyone. You can watch and stream anywhere in the globe, like the US, Canada, France and UK. However, if you want to watch Discovery plus outside the UK all you need is to do a little research and you can definitely stream it and watch your best favourite documentaries

Now sit down, munch some crackers, and get ready to have a pleasant time.

The Top 7 Documentaries on Discovery

1) Citizen Penn

-Director: Don Hardy

-Screen Time: 1h 33 mins

-Cast: Sean Penn, Anderson Cooper and Cécile Accilien

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Sean Penn’s humanitarian mission in Haiti is rated as among his most significant and lasting achievements. The documentary portrays how his country is turned into ashes only weeks after one huge earthquake hits it.

Sean was able to collaborate with a small volunteer group who will support him as they decided to give audiences some inside glimpses of what happens whenever anyone decides enough is enough. They chose to act almost graciously by having to put themselves under threats for others to receive medical treatment, even though there was no real guarantee or promise regarding results, just the chance of compassion.

2) Rebel Heart

-Director: Pedro Kos

-Screen Time:1h 43min

-Cast: Helen Kelly, Corita Kent, Anita Caspary, and Pat Reif

Nuns of an Immaculate Heart of Mary condemned the misogyny of a Catholic Church in protest towards a famous Bishop in 1960s Los Angeles. They were rebellious and fearless, and so as a response, our society has revolutionised.

The parades expanded the boundaries which determined what it means to be a woman or a nun between 1965 – 2018. Unusual opposition activists Corita Kent, Pat Reif, Helen Kelley, and Anita Caspary established a reputation for themselves.

As they created a community that benefited both their own goals and that of others, each nun could achieve her maximum potential. All attempts to enhance the church were met with opposition. #MeToo gained prominence as even more women took on leadership responsibilities & made peace with their identities.

3) My Beautiful Stutter

-Director: Ryan Gielen

-ScreenTime: 1h 30min

-Cast: Malcolm, Taro Alexander, Travis Robertson, and Will Davis

My Beautiful Stutter, an engaging history activity, is offered for kids who stutter by a Stuttering Association for the Young situated in New York. The documentary features 5 young kids aged 9 – 18 of diverse backgrounds and from various parts of the United States.

Many individuals having speech disorders are on the brink of self-harm. In contrast, others feel isolated, worried, fatigued, and dejected owing to the inadequateness of speech and language therapy, social pressures not to stutter, or perhaps the inclination to be silenced most of the moment when trying to speak. We get to monitor for a year while those younger folks from all over the globe embrace the novel concept at the core of SAY: it’s natural to stutter, so we get to see the incredible transformation which follows.

4) Lilly Topples the World

 -Director: Jeremy Workman

-Screen Time: 1h 35min

-Cast: Casey Neistat, Jimmy Fallon, and Lily Hevesh

The documentary LILY TOPPLES THE WORLD recounts the story of domino topper Lily Hevesh, who broke statistics & goes far beyond the call of duty. It depicts Lily’s evolution as a young woman, true inspiration, & artist across a period.

For this three-year documentary, several generations of people are observed as they enter adulthood throughout the fastest-expanding global economic system. Numerous Generation Z artists made brief cameos, including Katy Pery, Will Smith, Jimmy Fallon, YouTuber Casey Neistat, and others.

A coming-of-age tale packaged in a phenomenal representation of an artist, LILY TOPPLES THE WORLD is an odd American tale of a humble Chinese adoptee who blossoms into an international artistic sensation, including over 1 billion YouTube hits.

5) Introducing Selma Blair

-Director: Rachel Fleit

-Screen Time: 1h 30min

-Cast: Selma Blair

One of the greatest documentaries that depict Selma Blair’s journey after being afflicted with multiple sclerosis. You would certainly be touched by this documentary, driven to emotions, & filled with respect for the medical practitioners who successfully treat difficult diseases.

6) FruitCake Fraud

-Director: Celia Aniskovich

-Screen Time: 1h 30mins

-Cast: Lesa Goins, Peggy Harvey, and Janet Jacobs

Among the leading fruitcake manufacturers in the world, Collin Street Bakery in Corsicana, Texas, produces hundreds of millions of dollars in annual sales, but that’s only a portion of the story. Fruitcake Fraud, a Discovery+ documentary of 2021, recounts the tale of how $17 million was allegedly plundered from the company and how workers ended up in the middle of one of the strange FBI cases in recent history.

7) JonBenet Ramse: What happened?

-Director: Kim Duke

-Screen Time: 1h 25mins

-Cast: Roy Beck, Lou Smit

The homicide of 6-year-old JonBenét Ramsey on Christmas Eve 1996 near Boulder, Colorado, was perpetrated 25 years back this December, yet curiosity about the ongoing mystery is still as high as at the time of the invention of the 24-hour media cycle. Many documentaries have been released in the twenty-five years since the tragic and mysterious event, JonBenét Ramsey: What Happened? A recent documentary focusing on the topic is among the finest in terms of how extensively it examines the incident that shocked the nation.

The Discovery+ documentary includes previously unpublished voice tapes produced by former Colorado Springs private investigator Lou Smit, who retired to discover more about events that led to the assassination of the glamour girl.


The perfect location to relax and discover the planet’s fascinating details is Discovery Plus. All of the above documentaries will be well-loved by you and offer you wonderful leisure.

Why are you still waiting? Start the streaming with a box of popcorn!

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