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Business consulting in big data format as the basis of company efficiency

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The increase in the volume of information about users has provoked the growth of a segment of relevant specialists for collecting, organizing and analyzing information to develop a company’s strategy and make the right decisions.

The conflict of the information age has exposed an important feature: with skillful adaptation and determination of purchasing preferences, even a medium-sized business can challenge a major player. The need for control and retention of primacy prompts to spend huge amounts of money in technology for collecting and analyzing information. Ultimately, the one who calculates the market characteristics most correctly will receive the main profit.

Why do you need a strategic planning consultant?

The general task of the consultant is to accurately audit the current situation, identify problem areas of the company and develop effective solutions to improve performance. Modern consulting involves the use of various tools and technologies based on the “cloud” service. Taking into account the individual characteristics of the business, software and applications are selected to collect data and develop systemic recommendations to increase efficiency.

The analytics and information policy consultant of the company is obliged to ensure:

• Monitoring and control of information about the company on the network.

• Monitoring of competitors’ prices and recommendations on pricing.

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• Segmentation and general characteristics of the target audience.

• Assessment of risk factors and their consequences for business.

• Strategic planning and optimization of company expenses.

In the conditions of modern online trading, specialists and agencies with experience in working on software platforms (Saagie, Big Data, etc.) are in demand.

Key functions of a data analytics consultant

The job of the consultant is to identify the problems that hinder the achievement of better performance. Also, the specialist must develop recommendations for eliminating ineffective solutions in the future. The consultant needs to analyze all business processes and draw up a real picture of what is happening. Despite the peculiarity of each company, there are basic functionality for a data analyst:

• Audit and monitoring of business data.

• Collection and analysis of information about products and product niche.

• Consolidation of the necessary tools and software for organizing data.

• Testing new solutions to improve efficiency.

• Implementation of innovations in production processes and trade logistics.

The purpose of consulting is not only in collecting data, but also in competent analysis and development of appropriate recommendations to increase sales.

What skills should an analyst have?

An analytics consultant must be able to work with a large amount of diverse information. In addition to the ability to quickly analyze numbers and information, an employee must be able to model a situation based on the data received.

Working with a large amount of data requires knowledge of many tools, software and platforms: Java, SQL, Hadoop, etc. For high-quality analytics, you need to understand the basics of application programming and navigate all basic applications for collecting information.

What are the benefits of Saagie’s Big Data Platform?

The Saagie platform operates in the Big Data format at the level of a full-fledged entity responsible for the entire range of services for collecting and organizing data: collecting information, processing data, determining patterns and algorithms for possible actions, systematizing, analytics and reporting.

With a wide range of tools, it is very easy to manage information in the cloud. ETL extraction functions, storage in secure data centers, operational processing using super powerful computing systems allow you to solve problems of any complexity.

Saagie technology allows you to place data in any convenient format: visualizations, charts, graphs, tables or even animated presentations. Access to information is possible from anywhere in the world, and modern encryption functions provide reliable protection in any unforeseen situations. Order big data consulting services by Data Science UA and you will definitely be satisfied.

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