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Guidelines: How to Write an Essay in 1 Hour

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Being overwhelmed is inevitable when you have a lot on your plate and very little time to take care of it. However, you can reduce this stress by benefiting from the tips mentioned below. Learn how to write an essay in one hour and let us do it perfectly. 

Planning Is the First Step

Planning makes everything easier and helps you write more quickly, even when your essay is due in the next hour. Take out your notebook and start mapping out the rough sketch of your writing. If you are fortunate enough, you would have the freedom to choose the topic yourself. Do this wisely. As you are on a time crunch, it is best not to experiment and go with a topic that you are familiar with. This can be a subject you have previously worked on or any interest area that you have knowledge about. This will cut half the time for research and help you develop an essay within time.

If your instructor has assigned you a topic, it is time that you strategize effectively and choose a topic that is neither too vague nor too specific. You need to find content on the topic while ensuring a point of focus in your paper. Next, divide your time. The best way to do so is by allocating the first ten minutes to planning and research, the next forty minutes to write the essay, and the last ten minutes to edit, proofread and format.

Use an Outline

Create an outline. Never skip this step. Even though you can directly dive into the writing part, it is nothing less than a recipe for disaster. You can wing a long essay, but chances are you will lose your focus while writing without having a firm foundation for your essay. So instead, create sections for the first draft. Include these three in the essay

  • Intro
  • Body
  • Conclusion

Now when you are researching, keep jotting down points that are relevant under each heading. It will support you when writing and ensure that you are following a systematic approach rather than a haphazard one. In addition, by following an outline, the chances of missing out on any crucial details minimize significantly and don’t interfere with your writing flow. 

In the introduction part, remember to keep it crisp and to the point. Let the audience know what the topic is and your stance on it by including a thesis statement. Give a little background and context, and you are good to go for the next section. 

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With a thesis statement selected, you must prove your stance in the body paragraphs. There should be more than three to provide factual content. Next, start each body paragraph with a topic statement and back it up using support from academic journals. Lastly, reinstate the gist of your essay in a conclusive section. Keep it short but feel free to add any suggestions here if you want. You can also visit EduJungles.com in case you want to find a reliable writing service that can write an essay in 1 hour.

Add The Final Touches

Students who are short in time usually skip the final step. If you think you have completed the word count and put the pen down and you are ready to submit it, hold your horses. This is the time where your efforts can go to waste if you fail to pay attention. Reread your words. Yes, even if the clock is ticking away. Even professional writers tend to make mistakes, especially under pressure. Identify any grammatical and structural errors and correct them as you proceed. 

An excellent way to write a paper is by using writing software like Grammarly. Your hard work will be cut in half. The artificial intelligence technology automatically highlights the areas that need to be changed and even provides relevant suggestions. Moreover, check your essay for plagiarism. With a deadline approaching soon, students often lift text to complete word count. This is strictly prohibited and considered literature theft. Don’t forget to run it through a plagiarism checker. Finally, format your draft according to the instructions. Submit your masterpiece

Buying Pre-Written Essays

Being a student, it is understandable that you might struggle to fulfil all your responsibilities at times, even when the time seems to be slipping away fast. How can you ensure that you are at the top of your game at all times? It is pretty common for students to shift their focus towards extracurricular activities and socialization once they start at a new college. As a result, the studies begin taking the hit. If you are currently struggling to meet deadlines and complete academic work, the easy fix to this issue is by prioritizing and delegating less significant work to third parties. Find a professional essay writing company and purchase pre-written papers. Let them handle these while you head out and check off the rest of your to-do list for the day. One task you should add to this list is finding the most suitable essay writing company for your needs. No matter your requirement, you will always be able to find a designated writer who can help you write my essay even on strict deadlines. 

Relying On Custom Essay Writing Services

Are you looking for ways to learn how to write a research paper fast? If pre-written essays are not meeting your requirements, finding a custom essay writing service can be your next safe bet. No matter which subject you might need assistance with, consider yourself covered. When you hop on a website, the first thing to look for is what topics the writers are offering. It is a clear giveaway of the competency level of the team. Other than this, the types of assignment should also be a vital determinant. A trustworthy company should be offering help with all kinds of academic work. It includes dissertation writing, college application, research papers, and many more. You can also pay them to rewrite papers online for free. Hence when you are short on time, you can find online help. This shortcut can enable you to meet the deadline while making sure that the quality is not compromised.

You might have many problems at this time, but completing an essay within one hour shouldn’t be one. With all the tips covered in the article, you can learn how to write an essay in an hour. You can stir up a decent-looking essay even when you are short on time. 

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