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There are several wonderful features hidden to users on the macOS. Unarguably, you would have sprawled through some hidden tricks on your Mac, especially if you’ve been using a Mac for a while. Even after a long time usage, some people don’t even know tricks that could be done on their Mac. 

Whether you’re new to macOS or have owned a MacBook for some time, you probably don’t know all features of your MacBook. In this article, we have garnered 10 useful features of your MacBook Computer, that are probably not known to you.

  1. Hot Corners

Just by touching the corner of your screen, Hot Corners enables allows you to trigger certain events on your Mac. Hot corner feature is enabled by navigating to System Preferences -> Desktop & Screen Savers ->Screen Saver Tab -> Hot Corners. You can open applications, disable screensaver, and even launch notification center with the help of this feature.

  • Type an Apple icon in a flash

Do you know you can create an Apple icon on your mac? I guess you don’t! There are a few different ways to type the Apple logo quickly across Apple devices. If you’re using a conventional PC other than Apple, you won’t be able to use the keyboard shortcut that requires the option key for this command. You can create an Apple icon on your Mac by simply holding down Option + Shift + K while on a text line. This can be done on any Apple computer.

  • Speech-to-Text Conversion

Dictation-typing in Mac OS works amazingly well. The program types out as you speak. Authors often get intimidated by the prospect of writing more and give up. They may come back, but if so, it’s with less and less enthusiasm, until they eventually give up. In order to break the pattern, get out of your own head. And the best way to do that is to talk it out with these mac tips and tricks.

  • Protect your Space with VeePN

We know that for many MacOS users, a broader resistance to app-borne malware, privacy, and viruses is a major reason for choosing that ecosystem over Windows products. With a VPN, you can access geo-blocked content wherever you are. As drawn from expert reviews, VPN mac software has a strong track record which proved their zero-log policy true. its number of free servers and location options, the quality of the VPN’s setup guides, as well as the detailed information in its FAQ section are reasons that make it stand out. Download the free version of VeePN now and enjoy the amazing feeling of surfing in your private world.

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  • Delete Apps in Launchpad

You can easily cleanup old apps and keep your Mac running efficiently with a Launchpad. You can tweak your Launchpad display to an iOS-style mode by holding the down option while opening the Launchpad interface. It is easier to delete unused old apps from the system when you click on the cross icon.

  • Preview Files

Previewing files is really simple with this trick. To preview a file, simply hold down the spacebar when you select the file. With this option, you can as well preview image and video files. You can also choose to switch between files while in preview by tapping the arrow keys.

  • Built-in emoji Support

Inserting emoji on MacOS is much easier with this tool. Do you know MacOS comes with a built-in emoji that allows users insert special characters to texts? You can initiate this command by clicking on command + ctrl + space to open the window. You can choose your preferred special characters and emoticons from this list. 

  • Create a Signature in Preview

Another great feature of Mac is the ability to add a signature to your document. You can do this by opening the document in preview mode. Navigate to the Annotations toolbar then click on the Signature option and choose the Create Signature from the Built-in iSight option. To add a signature to the document, follow further instructions displayed on your screen. You can also save your signature for future reference.

  • Quick Dictionary Access

With a few shortcut button clicks, you can quickly access the dictionary on your Mac. Held on to Command + Control + D on your keyboard, a pop-up will appear with the definition (s) of the word under the mouse cursor. Fast access to dictionaries assists users find meanings to unclear words immediately. Please note that there are some exceptions to this process, as it doesn’t work everywhere on your system and on sites such as Google Docs. 

  1. Merge Folders

Merging the contents of two identically named folders is easy, but dragging one folder onto another will prompts a Replace dialog message instead. So, the trick to merging two folders is to press and hold the option key while Dragging the folder, which prompts an additional choice to merge folders.

Our list of MacBook hidden features is non-exhaustive, but worth trying. They convert your MacBook experience to suit your preference for trendy software with an easy-to-use interface to simplify your everyday life ordeal. Did you find our tips intriguing? Do you need help in applying any of the above tricks? Don’t hesitate to comment below or contact us via our official channels.

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