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How to Stay Prepared When Travelling in Poland

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Poland. It’s a beautiful country with plenty to see, from Krakow’s Central Square all the way to the Giewont Mountain, it has the perfect mix of natural beauty and inspiring city life. But what are the items that you need to take as you travel across the buzzing cities and stunning landscapes? Keep on reading for our list, perfect for either total tourists or Polska natives alike. 

Power Bank

Off to an obvious and practical start, you’ll want to keep your phone charged for capturing photo evidence of your trip. And while travel offers a multitude of wonderful things, regular access to plug sockets isn’t always top of that list. Whether low on battery waiting for a train, or about to grab a photo of a gorgeous sunset, it’s always good to have your phone topped up, hence a power bank being top of this list. 

Tech Survival Kit 

Moving onto a less obvious but equally important piece of technology-adjacent packing. You might want to consider packing a tech survival kit, an idea we discovered from  ExpressVPN which is basically exactly what it sounds like – an emergency kit for when your technology inevitably goes haywire. The portable wifi hotspot, extra sim card, spare cables, and a USB copy of your important documents. A tech survival kit can get you out of all kinds of sticky situations and is well worth packing, just in case. 

Source: Pexels

Comfy Shoes 

Not only are comfy shoes practical, but they’re also stylish according to GQ Magazine, and most importantly they are an absolute essential for travelling around Poland. Because whether visiting the city or countryside, travelling is always full of walking. That’s why comfy shoes are one of the absolute travel essentials, whether trainers, clogs, boots or anything else you choose. Your feet will thank you later. 

An extra layer of clothing

While on the topic of fashion, don’t be caught without an extra layer of clothing. Obviously, polish winters can get pretty cold with plenty of snowy rain, but the weather can be equally changeable in the summer! According to the Polish Tourism Organisation, the best weather months are between May and June and then again between September and October, but regardless of the month you opt for, a waterproof is always good to have on hand with rain regularly falling regardless of the time of year. 

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Source: Pexels 

Water Bottle 

And last but not least, do remember to bring a water bottle on your travels. Firstly because it’s better for the environment, as told by The Guardian, but also because you never know how long you’ll be away from the hotel and buying endless drinks along the way can get very expensive.

With most of the day spent exploring, it’s vital to stay hydrated, especially if you’re going to be visiting in the summer months with the sun beating down. Plus, with so many stylish designs available from the likes of Chilly’s and Hydro Flask, a bottle also doubles up as an accessory to whatever you’re wearing.

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