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How to Support Employees Working from Home

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With the lockdown lifted in most parts of the UK, businesses are gradually opening, and employees are slowly going back working in the office. Although workers are no longer required to work from home, some companies still let their employees do that. Some workers choose to stay on that setup, which is a good choice for those who have the option. More people may be injected with COVID-19 vaccines, but there’s still risk out there with the variants. Employees can still get infected on their way to the office, at work, and when they go home. The safest way to keep themselves safe is to stay away from the crowd, which is why working from home is an excellent alternative. If you have employees that work remotely, here are ways on how to support them.

Ensure regular and clear communication

Although email communications are normal even in a typical office setup, it’s easier with the latter because you can always walk up to someone and discuss or clarify something in person. In contrast, everything is virtual in work from home setting. So, use different online communications to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Besides email, there’s chat, video messaging, and various team collaboration apps.

Host team-building or social events online

Team building and different fun events help employees relax. It creates a positive working environment. Due to the pandemic, virtual events have become popular, and you too can incorporate them in the workplace. Prepare games and entertainment that employees can participate in remotely. Once your business operation is back to normal and they start working in the office again, you can prepare something bigger for the next company event. For example, you can have a grand carnival themed party at your Christmas event. Getting the rides and equipment you need won’t be a problem. You will find everything you need from funfair rental specialists like https://www.wearetricycle.co.uk/. Everyone in the company will have a great time.

Provide their IT needs

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IT services and equipment, such as computers and Internet connections, are vital for remote employees to do their job efficiently. Your company may cover their Internet, computer, and all other applications required for their daily tasks.

Encourage them to stick with a schedule

One of the challenging parts of working from home is managing work and personal time. Check on your employees regularly to see how they are doing. While at it, encourage them to follow their work schedule, and don’t forget to take their breaks.

Have mental health professionals ready for help

COVID-19 has affected people negatively, including their mental health. Ensure that your employees get the help they need if they suffer from mental health issues due to the pandemic or whatever reason it may be. Let them know that there are professionals in this field that they can contact and assure them of the confidentiality of their consultation.

Showing your support to your employees, especially those who work from home during the pandemic, is vital to keep them motivated. Besides the tips listed above, recognising their work and rewarding them are also excellent ways to make them feel you value them.

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